Crochet; 25 round Drawstring bag!

Good afternoon Folks!

As most of you know, I love trying new things here on KaboodleMum so I figured why not try something new today!

It’s pretty obvious all over here and Instagram how crafty I can be! Yesterday I had the urge to try my hand at a bag, a little drawstring bag to be precise! I wanted to quickly hook up something pretty and sweet for miss Kaboodle to keep her school PE kit inside and so my crazy mind got into motion. With absolutely zero patience, I got the yarns together, the hook and off I went on crochet adventure. I managed to complete the Project in the time I had free from Willow while she was in school so it took my me just shy of 2 hours to complete and I love it!

When It was finished, I figured that it wasn’t really suitable as a PE bag, purely because it was too pretty to be hung on a hook for the rest of term being underappreciated! Instead, We are going to use it to store some of Willow’s Little Doll Clothes!

Anyway, here it is…25 round drawstring bag, ravelry pattern, free crochet bag pattern, easy crochet bag pattern

Pretty cool, even if I do say so myself!

Since I’m a keen user of Ravelry (and hoard lots of free crochet patterns!) I thought I would share the pattern with others so that they can use it too if they want too! There’s nothing like a freebie pattern to inspire some creativity!

Also, for what it is worth, I am planning on adding more patterns in the future so I hope you like this latest addition to KaboodleMum! I am also planning a new category, Adult crafts, where I will share my creative makes, tutorials and anything else that tickles my crafty fancy!

keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks!

Without further Ado, here’s the Pattern for my 25 Round drawstring bag!

25 Round Drawstring Bag!

By KaboodleMum

Working in the round.

7mm hook.

Two Yarns of DK weight – colours are your choice.

Notes : I made this bag up on the spot, on a whim, for my little girl. It’s probably not perfect but it looks awesome and works just as I’d hoped. All feedback about the pattern is welcome!

You will need to know how to do a magic circle for this pattern.

You need to work with both yarns at the same time as if you were working with just one.

Abbreviations – UK terminology used.

  • Ch – Chain.
    St(s) – Stitch/Stitches.
    dc – Double Crochet (US single)
    tr – Triple/treble Crochet (US double)
    sk – skip.
    sl st – slip stitch.
     * _ ** – multiple instructions between asterisks

For The Bag

round 1 – 6ch into magic circle (6)

round 2 – 2dc in each st around (12)

round 3 – 2dc in each 2nd st around (18)

round 4 – 2dc in each 3rd st around (24)

round 5 – 2dc in each 4th st around (30)

round 6 – 2dc in each 5th st around (36)

round 7 – 2dc in each 6th st around (42)

round 8 – 1dc in each st around (42)

round 9 – 2dc in each 7th st around (48)

round 10 – 1 dc in each st around (48)

round 11 – 1 tr in each st around (48)

round 12 – 1 tr in each st around (48)

round 13 – 1 dc in st around (48)

round 14 – 1 tr in each st around (48)

round 15 – 1 tr in each st around (48)

round 16 – 1 dc in each st around (48)

round 17 – 1 tr in each st around (48)

round 18 – 1 tr in each st around (48)

round 19 – 1 dc in each st around (48)

round 20 – 1 tr in each st around (48)

round 21 – *1 tr in next st, ch 1, sk next st, 1 tr in next stitch** Repeat from * to ** all the way around, sl st (24)

round 22 – 1 dc in each st around (48)

round 23 – 1 dc in each st around (48)

round 24 – 1 dc in each st around (48)

round 25 – 1 dc in each st around, sl st and tie off. Weave in any ends.

For the drawstring.

Cut three strands of each yarn measuring appx 1m in length.
Bunch them together so you have the 6 strands and weave it through the 12th stitch-post of round 21, you should have 6 stands of yarn coming out of the gap on either side of the post. Tie a knot around the post to secure the yarn strands in place.

separate the 6 yarns into 3 sets of two, make sure you have one colour of each per 2 stands and then plait together. Tie a knot at the end and trim the loose stands so they’re all the same. Repeat for both sets of strands. Once You’re done plaiting them, weave them in and out of the remaining posts in the opposite direction of each other. This will bring them together at the front of the bag and then you can pull the strings and it will tighten.

 Here’s a little picture of the bag when it is open,25 round drawstring bag, free crochet bag pattern, free crochet patterns, free ravelry pattern

It’s about 8 inches tall and about 9 inches wide. I used about 2 thirds of a 50g ball of DK weight yarn. You have my permission to use this pattern freely. You can sell any finished product you create using the pattern but you cannot sell the pattern. If you share this pattern with others, please link back to KaboodleMum using ~ Thanks! ❤

As always, thanks for reading! Are you a crocheter?  are you on Ravelry too? If you are, check out my profile and add me as a friend!


8 thoughts on “Crochet; 25 round Drawstring bag!

  1. marysmirror says:

    This is just amazing 😉 I love it- it is so super cute 😀 I was always too clumsy to do such things- some friends tried to teach me but we gave up after a while… Such cute things make me want to start again 😉

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Thank you! It’s turned out to be a bag for keeping my little ones bobbles and brushes for her hair and its hung up 🙂 I love it, I’ve been wanting to make another one for my make up lol!
      You should definitely have another go, it’s worth it. So much fun!

  2. pearly says:

    That is very creative! And such a pretty color you took.

    By the way, you’ve been chosen as one of today’s nine blogs in That’s So Jacob’s Ninth Month Blog Challenge! I challenge you to find nine blogs you find interesting and give them a comment to brighten their day…well, eight other blogs and mine 🙂
    Copy this message in your comment and enjoy your new blog friends.

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