The first day at school!

Good Morning!

Yesterday was a very big day here in the kaboodle House. It was Miss Kaboodles first day in big girl school. She has been super excited to start school since she had her little visit there just before the summer holidays. Every day she has asked to put her unicorn (uniform) on and go to her new school. Its been both funny and a right pain in the bum for me! Willow loves going to school, she really does. So having her ask to go and being told no for the last 7 weeks has been a bit frustrating, her excitement to get back into school has been amazing but the tears every time I tell her she cant go just yet, haven’t been.

With the summer holidays over and the Big Day finally here, Miss Kaboodle was like a bottle of pop; full of excitement, happy, giggly, she really couldn’t wait to get to school.  Her excitement fuelled her through the morning, she ate all her breakfast and then asked to get dressed (BY 8:30!) I didn’t mind, we had to visit Town and meet up with my Grandma, so the uniform came out of the wardrobe for the first time and we got ready to go down town.  No first day of school is complete without having the standard on-the-stairs-in-your-new-uniform photo shoot….

Do I look pretty, mum? Yes, My Darling Girl, you look amazing!

Do I look pretty, mum?
Yes, My Darling Girl, you look amazing!



We made our way to town where Grandma promptly burst into tears at the sight of Miss W and then we stopped off for some grub at a café. Afterwards, we did a little shopping and then made our way back home to make sure we were 100% ready for school. Willow asked if she could walk to school with her little friend Tyler who was starting yesterday too. Tyler’s Mum and I had already arranged to take the afternoon off (first time ever we were both childless!) and have a good old chin wag and a cuppa tea! So I thought why not, so we made our way to Tyler’s house and they played for 5 minutes before we had to make our way to the school,

 first day of nursery
they were both so excited. Katie (Tyler’s mum) and I were both excited too!

the best part of the day was being excited for my little one, my baby who is now a big girl, bigger than shes ever been. It’s not exciting because She would be out of my way for 2 and a half hours, it was exciting because its such an adventure, this is the first day of the rest of her learning life! I was excited for her to meet and make new friends, learn new things, play, laugh, grow… It’s such a wonderful feeling as a parent, to see your child growing and experiencing all the new things they get to experience with them. It’s something that could never be replicated or replaced!

When we reached school, I spotted Miss Kaboodles Uncle. My nephew, Shae, also attends the same school and is also in the same class as Willow, he’s a little older and has been going to the school for a little bit before the holidays but now they are both there for this academic year! I called Willow to come see and waited for Shae to come into Sight…. Well, when they saw each other, the NOISE! they were both shouting and screeching each others names, they ran towards each other and gave each other a hug and a kiss (even I stole a hug and a kiss off Shae too!) and then they both ran away together to wait by the gate to go inside.
I couldn’t help but whip out my camera and have a few shots of them both together, looking awesome in their uniforms… the first day of school with my cousin!
Don’t they look amazing!?

Within 2 minutes, the teachers were out and calling in the children, Miss Willow walked in and hung up her bag, gave me a kiss goodbye and off she went, with Shae in front and Tyler behind her!

and that was that. Katie and I headed to her house for our catch up and cuppa and two hours later, we were making our way back to school to collect the kiddos. They all came out smiling and laughing wearing star stickers and looking super happy!
As we made our way home, Willow told me she wanted Crackers and Cheese and a drink so we made our way back and had some crackers and cheese and played out the garden until KaboodleDad got home from work!

It was such a lovely day and I am excited to take her back today, I know she loves it which is what makes it so satisfying and I am so Proud of my Little Whump!

*when I asked her why she had her star, she told me her teacher gave it to her for saying “Bore Da.” which is Welsh for Good Morning!

As always, thanks for reading!

Did your little one start school this year? How did it go for you?


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