An update, of sorts!

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I have been Writing more about Our trying to conceive journey than I have anything else. I do feel that at the moment, things have been so hectic that I haven’t had any time to share anymore than my clomid experience. With  mount doom conquered and the decorating done. I had to move on to getting some crochet done for miss willow, since it had been a request. Also, over that last few months I have been working on my crochet more and I’ve learnt more. I’m hoping to get some crochet done over the next few months ready for Christmas, practice for which I have already started.

I joined Ravelry, purely because I feel that I need to be able to connect with more people who are interested in the things I am interested in and I also worked really hard on my other blog to get that up and running so I have somewhere to share my Fangirl side. That lead to some awesome connections and the creation of a new blog specifically for Supernatural Fans, so that I also have a place to talk about that.

I guess you could say that I have been feeling lonely lately. I have felt the need to try and make new friends, virtually or otherwise, but my anxiety has been really bad lately so getting out has been hard for me. So really, I’ve only been trying to broaden my online horizons, by getting involved in other communities.

It’s been lovely connecting with people all over the world! It makes me crave a holiday though. Something I wish we could have right about now! But I digress…I also started a CAL (Crochet Along) Basically, twice a week a new part of the pattern is released and lots of people go along with it, I’ve met some lovely people while doing it and by the end, I hope to have a pretty autumn poncho for Miss Kaboodle. That’ll be nice.

Since my time has been tied between sorting the house and washing, getting the garden sorted and life, alongside my not-so-great mental state lately. I haven’t really been able to get creative in the way I’d have liked to with Miss K, so we haven’t been crafting as often as usual. We’ve done some baking but that’s about it. Otherwise we have been out and about. we did meet up with my sister in law and nephew, Willow’s cousin and we took them to a soft play together, it was hectic, both of them wanted to use one thing at a time, at the same time so we had a couple of fights and lots of tears on our hands. With the kids only being 16 weeks apart in age, they’re both very quick to temper, I will say, It hilarious watching two three years old argue! even funnier when they’re both with their Mum’s and both think they’ll win because of it….

Brilliant, Me and the SIL couldn’t stop giggling!

Since our money has been tied up lately, we’ve not had much spare to do anything to we’ve been trying to do free stuff! Last weekend, we visited a National History Museum. It’s situated only a few miles away, it took us about 20 minutes to get there in the car. It’s a history of welsh life and buildings, the place is full of old buildings that have been moved and rebuilt at the site. Some buildings we’re already there but others have been moved hundred of miles to be places in the museum. Its a vast site, we were there for nearly 4 hours and only managed to get around just one half of it! Luckily, we had the weather on our side which is something that doesn’t seem to be happening a lot lately. This is probably the worst summer we’ve had for ages!

anyway, here’s some photos of our trip to the museum…st fagans national history museum

st fagans national history museum

We really did have a lovely day and it was so nice to get out and about with my little family and have a picnic somewhere really nice.
We plan on visiting again soon so that we can check out the other half of it that we didn’t get to see!

On another side, our new sofa finally got delivered! first of all I thought that they had brought the wrong size but then once it was all put together I realised it was fine. I’m so relived to finally have it as say that the decorating is done-done! It’s a bit weight off out shoulders. scs zamba sofaMiss Kaboodle was beside herself with joy! telling me “mummy, I love the new sofa, its so pretty!”
I realise i’ve let the side down with my sporadic feature, From the Mouth of Willow, but I do hope to get it back up and running soon 🙂

AS always, thanks for reading! Also, thanks for sticking with me while I go through this chapter in my life. THANK YOU!
P.s… sorry this post is a bit on the link-heavy side, I just thought I’d show you that I haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing lol!


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