Decorating, Smoking, Baby making and Chickens.

Hello Everyone!

KaboodleMum here, shamelessly apologising for being absent recently. Here at the kaboodle house we have been super busy lately. We have finally finished decorating the walls of both the living and dining rooms. We still have a lot of finishing touches to add along with some new furniture but those will happen if and when.

One of the main reasons I have been avoiding posting here is because I have been actively quitting smoking. I picked up my smoking replacement last Saturday and I have been a bit up and down over the last week. mostly, I have been doing a lot of ranting and I’d like to keep this place for the *less* ranty posts. Its been a tough week but I have now gone two whole days without a cigarette! Yes I am still using nicotine replacement products but I think two days fag free is very good so early on in my stop smoking journey.

I decided to finally take the step and down the cigs when kaboodle dad announced to me that he wanted to quit too. Obviously I could never quit if he continued since there would still be things around me to entice me to smoke. I am happy to report that KabooleDad is doing very well on his journey too!

So, I have tried to update  but I just keep writing up drafts and never getting around to posting them, awful, I know, but that’s life! I have been meaning to tell you all that KD and I have decided to go ahead and take the Clomid tablets prescribed by the gynaecologist the last time we went. I wasn’t sure initially and at first we weren’t going to take them but after finding myself stupidly broody and having a good old-fashioned chat about it, we decided that we should just go ahead with it now. We’re both pretty much in our prime, I guess that’s one of the reasons we didn’t want to go ahead and have another baby. Still, we came to the conclusion that although this is the best time of our lives so far, It’s also the best time to have another child. We’re both young, healthy and capable. It’s the right time so we are going ahead and hoping it will work out well.

Having a baby is a motivator for me to quit smoking. I want to have the best chance of conception. I feel that I am progressing and hopefully as time goes by I will become nicotine free now that I am smoke free.

In other news, We’re getting some chickens. KaboodleDad is currently hard at work building a coop and Miss Kaboodle has been helping him. We’re all super excited to have two hens roaming around. I know the dog is going to be happy having some new friends, I’m not too sure about my cats though, I don’t think they’ll be happy about it. None of them will try to hurt the hens but I’m pretty sure I’ll have some protest from at least two of the cats. I don’t care though, a grumpy cat is something I’ll happily put up with in exchange for fresh eggs! YUM! (and they make for the best cakes!)

I have had a chicken before and my In laws have lots of chickens. I’m pretty sure both ladies will do just fine here at the kaboodlehouse! Miss Kaboodle has already named them, one is going to be called Charlie, the other Charlotte. I think I’m going to have to tell here that one can be called charlotte or Charlie and the other has to have a different name since, Charlie and charlotte are pretty much the same name LOL! KIDS!

Here’s the coop so far…

 We’ll see how things go!

as always thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Decorating, Smoking, Baby making and Chickens.

  1. Megan says:

    Quitting smoking. Ah. The horror. I feel the pain as I am trying the same thing. Its a hard habit to break. But its better this way! Thanks for posting this and I look forward to reading much more about the journey!

      • Amy M. says:

        I’m waiting for AF too! Isn’t it crazy that so often in this TTC journey we want her to stay away, and other times we can’t wait for it to get here so we can get some sort of process under way! Hope she comes soon for both of us!

      • Faye Elizabeth says:

        Yeah I know lol! It’s a pain in the arse? The worst part for me is that I never know when it’s going to happen so it is literally a waiting game, I can’t even guess! It’s a pain in the arse but as soon as she’s here we just have to start taking the tablets, that’s when we’re going to start being able to make sense of the whole journey 🙂 I hope so too, it’ll be nice to see how things go for us both xx

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