Picture Match Playing Cards!

Miss Kaboodle and I have made our own version of playing cards before when we created our Colour Match Cards. I made those a fairly long time ago now and we still play with them! I decided that they were so successful that a second set with a different theme would be a great addition to our Activity book.

When I asked Willow what pictures she would like to use for her new matching cards, she immeadiately screamed Equestria Girls! at me and so we set about creating some new matching cards. Equestria Girl Style!

homemade Equestria girls, my little pony match cards.

What you’re going to need;

  • Card, in your choice of colour
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Printed images of your child’s favourite characters. So long as you have two of each you can make as many as you like.


What you need to do;

    • cut around the images you printed out. Try and cut each image the same size so that your cards stay uniform and easy to handle.
    • glue each individual image onto the card.IMG_0398
  • cut the card around each printed image leaving a small border and once you’ve cut around all of the images, you’re done!
    You now have a super cool set of matching cards that your child will love!

We had lots of fun playing with these. Willow loved matching them up and ‘winning’ when she found a pair! They’re a great way to help with her developing memory skills and considering they are so easy to create, I know these wont be our last set of matching cards! I’m thinking of making some with numbers on them!

As always, thanks for reading. If you ever make some, be sure to share your experience with us here at KaboodleMum! You could even link us to a photo of your very own creations! I’d love to see them!




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