Clothes Pegs Aeroplanes!

There is something awesome about playing around with foam, just check out the previous crafty fun we’ve had using this cheap and easy craft medium.

It’s easy to see how much foam can offer for those of us who like to get creative in different ways and its also supper easy to use and cut so the kids get along with it perfectly too! Win-Win!

Us Kaboodlers live pretty near to an airport and at least 3 or 4 times a day I am beckoned from wherever I am within the house by my super excited three year old daughter who marvels at the very sight of an aeroplane! Except for the times she runs away from them in fear! Yes, Miss Willow has a very love/hate relationship with planes. At times I am made to Basque in their magnificent glory and other times, I become a human hiding spot!

“Please get out from under my dress Willow!, It is a dress, not a tent!” 

While we were having a crafty afternoon recently, we got creative with some foam again, as luck would have it Miss Kaboodle was quite fond of planes that day and so our next craft was inspired.

Peg Planes!


What you’re going to need;

  • two sheets of foam in separate colours,
  • a glue stick
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • a ruler, if you want… I just cut our shapes without measuring because, you know, I’m a rebel!
  • pegs (x2)

What you need to do;

first of all you want to cut out 6 strips of foam, four roughly 6 inches and 2 roughly 3 inches. You will also need to cut out two small triangular shapes for the tail.


The next step is to round off the edges of the foam pieces. Using your scissors, cut a half-moon shape into the ends of all six parts being careful to keep them the same length as each other.


Next you’re going to want to glue two long strips of foam near the front end of one of the pegs, one on each side. Then, with the shorter piece of foam, glue it onto the back of the peg. Try to make the shorter piece of foam line up with the center of the longer one at the front.

Then you will need to glue the tail onto the shorter piece of foam at the back.


And your Peg planes are complete!


Willow! stop pulling the planes tail.

*not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say!

Okay, so we had lots of fun throwing these around and Thankfully, I wasn’t demoted to human shield whilst these funky fliers flew though the air!

As always, thanks for reading! check out our instagram page for more crazy kaboodle antics!


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