New walls, new cars and new….babies?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been M.I.A for a little bit, please accept my apologies! We’ve been busy redecorating our kaboodle house and it’s coming on lovely but my time seems to have disappeared! I’ve also been participating in the July Blogging 101 course for my other blog, the space I’ve created to make my own 🙂 I figured since KaboodleMum is a year old and going really well, I thought I’d save all my silly ‘just me’ posts for another place.

So what can I tell you? Well, things have been pretty hectic here, Our redecorating phase has come to a stand still. We had high hopes of completing it by now but things don’t always work out how you’ve planned and this is one of those things. We’re pretty much done with our living room but with a whole dinning room to redecorate, the master bedroom to redecorate and Miss Kaboodles bedroom to sort out and re-furnish, we still have a long way to go! I’m sure we’ll cope though!

Kaboodledad was involved in a car crash last week, he was okay, thankfully, but our beloved family car didn’t come out as unscathed as him. We are currently under the impression that the car will be written off the road and the hunt for a new car will commence pretty much in the next day or two. There’s something awful about trying to find a new car, even more so when you’re working with a budget. Oh how easy life would be if budgets weren’t a thing!

Anyway, new walls, new cars… I guess I should start talking about the new babies, huh?

Well, as most of you know, kaboodle dad and I have been on a very long, up and down journey  trying to conceive our kaboodle baby number 2. In My last post regarding that matter, I spoke about how I felt at a crossroads with it. That having another baby feels like a very huge thing to do and I had quite a few hurdles stuck up in front of me that I wasn’t comfortable jumping over!

Well, nothing’s change really. I still have a huge what if? Complex about the whole thing but the thing is, just recently I have been SO broody! Oh my god, broody, broody, broody! Everywhere I go there are baby items staring me in the face, baby clothes that are just so tiny and cute! Everywhere I go there are women with pregnant bellies and not just little ones either, like seriously “I think she might be having triplets.” Kind of pregnant bellies!

Just before starting our trip down decorating lane, we went into our local IKEA to get some new furniture and there were pregnant women EVERYWHERE! I swear, the whole of South Wales was nesting that afternoon. It was so bad, even KaboodleDad commented on how many pregnant women were around! We both laughed at how funny it was because of our situation. It was kind of ironic and I am Irony’s biggest fan, I couldn’t help but laugh! To be honest with you though, I was already a bit broody by then. I think I may have given myself the new baby bug by sorting through all our family photos when we upgraded our computer a few weeks ago. The more I scrolled through photos of our new-born Miss Kaboodle, the more and more I felt a pang for a baby. It’s so bad, it’s made me start thinking about our current journey in a different light, I’m tempted to try the clomid and hope it doesn’t result in twins, God forbid! I mean, seriously though, look at this face….


doesn’t it just make your ovaries itch?

I sat down and flicked through nearly 4000 photos spanning from the day Miss Kaboodle was born right up to that very day and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her new-born face all over again and I just found myself sitting there saying “I want one.” over and over again!

With all of the broody feelings I’ve been having, I decided I would go ahead and have my blood progesterone (cycle day 28) levels done today (as per gynae’s instructions). Even though we initially said we were going to leave it, I can’t quite let go and being broody has only fuelled me forwards!

I know dropping all my doubts about having a second child on the whim of a feeling is just plain silly, but, I can’t help but feel a little bit tempted by the thought of cuddling up to another Nikki-Noo-Non (newborn in kaboodleish!) I mean, the smell of a new-born baby is enough to make me want to push out a couple more! We’re still in the mindset ofseeing ‘how things go’ so I guess it boils down to a good old fashioned talk about what we want  do! We’ll see.


7 thoughts on “New walls, new cars and new….babies?

  1. Amy M. says:

    Well first off I’m so sorry about your husband’s accident and your car, but glad that he’s okay! Have fun car hunting! Sounds like your house is undergoing some major renovation. Hope you’re having fun with it and not stressing too much. Wishing you the best of luck with your possibility of trying for another baby in the near future!

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Haha! Thank you, yeah it was a shock. One of my biggest fears is him having a car accident on his way home so I was quite shaken. I’m just really glad he was okay. The car hunt is going to be a pain in the ass but it needs to be done since it was confirmed yesterday that our car is likely to be scrapped. Gutted 😦
      Yeah! House is like a construction site at the moment but I’ve managed small bits each day. It just seems like there’s so much to do and other things keep cropping up! I guess that’s life though! I wouldn’t be to bothered but we have family visiting on Saturday and a whole house to sort out by then lol! The struggle is real hahah!
      Hopefully though, by the end of today I will have made a big enough dent in the tasks ahead so I can calm myself some! Yea! Oh god, the broody-bug, it’s kind of taking over lol, I was shopping the other day and just stood at the new born section of clothing like awwwwwwww look at this! Oooohhh look look! Tiny little tigger onsie! Awwww!
      Blurgh! It’s sickening hahah

      • Amy M. says:

        I try to avoid the baby section in stores, and if I have to pass it I usually go fast and look the other way. Hope you get your house in order before the weekend!

  2. busy lady says:

    You have quite a spell of time!
    I don’t think it is silly at all to want another baby! I am a Grandma, but I remember how much I wanted a second child. I hope it happens for you soon. Would love to say congratulation!

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