New shoes, new school, no shoes!

Confusing title huh?

Let  me explain.
Yesterday we had two separate important things to get done. 1) Send Willow to school looking lovely since it was picture day and 2) Attend Willow’s introduction day at the nursery where she will be going as of September. I started off the day with the right idea, I dressed willow in a lovely dress and sorted out her hair so it looked less like a bird’s nest and more like the curly hair we all know and love so much. After dressing her I quickly realised that over the last two weeks she has somehow managed to outgrow her pretty dolly shoes and her trainers were becoming very snug. I tried and failed at getting her pretty shoes on and sent her up wearing the snug trainers along with sending KaboodleDad a text with instructions to pick up some new trainers for her on his lunch break. sorted.

The rest of the day panned out pretty much as planned. I came home, tidied, sorted and continued where I’d left off after having a huge sort out of the house. All was well, I managed to partly clear out one of the cupboards I had been meaning to tackle for months, made a huge donation of craft supplies to Miss W’s playgroup, packed up a bunch of bin bags ready for the charity to collect and I was really pleased with my efforts. The only thing we need to do now is actually make up our mind on whether or not we actually want another baby and I will then know whether or not to keep all the baby stuff that is taking up the rest of the cupboard space.

The afternoon rolled in and KaboodleDad arrived home early to come to the nursery and do the whole meet and greet, Q+A’s and all the other stuff involved with having a child that is growing up to quickly. He came home with the new shoes as we planned and Willow looked awesome for her introduction. Wearing the pretty dress and her curly hair paired with new trainers, she looked the bomb! (I know I’m biased because she mine but hey, she’s mine! lol)
All went well at the meet and greet and we were soon on our way back home. Willow wasn’t too impressed with having to leave but I can’t complain about that, she’ll be going to that school for the next 7 years, she has to like it and her paddy on the way home was evidence enough that we wont need to convince her to go when September rolls around.

When we got home we had a bunch of stuff to do, KD and his dad were going to drive down to the hire car place to hand the hire car back (which I forgot to tell you about because we’ve been so busy, long story short, someone reversed into our car while we were shopping and it’s been at a garage being repaired while we had a courtesy car. Yesterday our car came back meaning the hire car had to go back.) The hire car needed emptying and as a result our back garden was filled with all manner of tools and other work fodder belonging to KD. A small part of which consisted of all his drawing and writing materials. Including a Permanent marker.

Miss Willow was content enough playing on the trampoline and her brand new shoes had been put to one side.
KaboodleDad and his dad made their way, I came inside and willow continued to play outdoors. I had no idea that there were pens outside and left Willow playing outside while I did some more tidying up. KaboodleDad came home and within a few minutes the cooker was on an Willow’s tea was being cooked.
Much like I do every evening around about that time, I start picking things up and putting them back to their rightful place and yesterday I headed out the garden to grab all the stuff that had been left out there. Much to my horror what I discovered made me very upset! MY NIGTHMARE WONDERFUL child had found her daddy’s permanent marker and her brand new right shoe and DREW ON IT!

I’m not even kidding.

There it was in all it’s glory, a huge black scribble on the toe part of the shoe!

Oh my god! I could have screamed! But I didn’t. We both showed willow and explained that it was every naughty and KD set about getting the stain out!
In the end I told him to give up and he did. He went to football and Willow was watching TV so I had a quick google of how to get rid of permanent marker and didn’t really come up with much. I figured they were fucked anyway so I might as well give it a go and see if I can get rid of the stain. Wanna know what I used?  here’s my list..

stain remover
sun lotion
bicarbonate of soda
washing up liquid
washing powder
nail polish remover
bicarbonate of soda mixed with sun cream
bicarbonate of soda mixed with nail polish remover
bicarbonate of soda mixed with washing powder mixed with nail polish remover
bicarbonate of soda mixed with sun cream mixed with nail polish remover mixed with stain remover
All of the above mixed with all of the above.

Do you want to know what happened to the stain?


I don’t even know how I managed it but I got it out! Well, there’s a small mark on there still but give it three days of playing and you wont even be able to see it! I swear I am a damn genius!

TOOT TOOT! (just the sound of me blowing my own horn!)

I want to say I’ve learned a hard lesson here guys, you know, something awesome I learned about parenting. I haven’t learnt anything new about parenting, kids draw on stuff if you give them the tools and the time and I already knew that! No, the lesson I learnt is that science is way more fun when you’re 25 and waist deep in a whole bunch of chemicals you found under your sink! (and a bottle of 5-year-old sambucca that’s been in your cupboard collecting dust all this time. Its lucky it came out when it did, otherwise I’d have cracked open that bottle of champagne I won at a raffle 2 Christmases ago!)


As always, thanks for reading and if you want, head on over to Instagram, twitter and Pinterest to keep up with our KaboodleLife!


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