All set for Father’s Day.

kaboodledad is workin today so we’ve had the perfect opportunity to sort through his gifts and get them ready without having to shun him to another room while we all pretend he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Willow chose to use the ‘daddy you rule’ card we made and I chose the ‘dad’ lettered card to give to him, I always I’ve him a Father’s Day card, since he’s so good as being a dad, I just have to thank him too!

Here’s his gifts and cards!

We made him a bracelet this morning,  


And a key ring for his car keys,

We’ve bought him some bug hero 6 stickers for our *family sticker book and He’s also got a t-shirt which has already been given to him since he was there when we bought it! It’s a great tee and it has a picture o daddy pig on it saying worlds best dad!

*Mine and his sticker book

We’re also picking him up a video game he’s wanted for a while when we go shopping later on.

What about you? What have you bought for your dads or partners?


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