Fathers Day inspiration!

Father’s day is around the corner so I figured I’d spend some time this morning trying my hand at some Fathers Day Cards.

Now, I realise that miss Kaboodle only has one dad, therefore only needs 1 card but, once I had started I couldn’t stop! So here’s a few card design ideas I hope you will like, I hope they can inspire you to try your hand at making a homemade fathers day card!

First at of all,I just want to say, I did prep the cards in advance while willow was at playgroup. She’s too little to understand the concept still so I made a handful of different designs, some she could contribute to, some for her just to help me fill on the inside.

Like with all crafts, you’re going to need some basic supplies,


In addition, I also used glue and a craft knife when finishing off the cards.



First up, the word DAD cut into folded card, ideal for little ones to decorate as demonstrated by Miss Kaboodle.



Next, a simple design. I cut out the crown and glued it, and wrote the words. It was then decorated by miss Willow and I together.


Next on the list, this handy little card! Easy to make and fun for the little ones to decorate.


Not one of the best designs but I liked the idea of using tools as a theme since KaboodleDad is a carpenter.

Last on the list is this card, 

 Taking the idea from the original ‘tool’ design I created another similar (and better!) design. 

Well, those are our 5 Father’s Day cards to inspire. I think KaboodleDad will have more than one card this year!


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