2 more sleeps!

This time of year is always busy. 

Three years ago, we booked our first ever family holiday. We were so excited, it was only a short 2.5hr journey down the motorway to a seaside town here in Wales but we didn’t care. We were going to be goin away and sharing our first ever family holiday with our beautiful (just turned) one year old. It was smashingly good, our dirt week away and the weather was fantastic, the sun was relentless and we even managed to catch a tan, jut down the road from home. It was like a visit to Spain. Lovely jubbly. While we were there the first year, we were offered a discount I we booked again for the same place, same week, same duration, for the following year.

We liked the discount and booked it.

Last year, we went again, the weather was nowhere near as good as the first year, it rained, we had a leak in the caravan, the sun was brief and sporadic but, we still had an amazing time. We even took the dog, her presence made our trip better, since we had no choice but to walk her and the walks there are amazing, we ended up seeing a lot more of the area than we did the year before.  Willow had just celebrated her 2nd birthday as was toddling around like a trooper, it was a lot of fun. 

The same offer came up for the following year, same week, same place, same duration, bigger discount.

We took the chance and booked it again.

This year, our third year visiting, might possibly be our last for visiting this week of the year. Since willow will be in school, we might not. But saying that, state nursery is not an obligation so, a five day break won’t hurt. We might, just might, go for one more year. We’ll see if the discount is good enough to entice us again.

So, we leave on Monday. Now normally I would have been planning and making lists for over a month by now. This year, I only started organising yeaterday. With life bein the way it has been the past few weeks, me being ill and what-not, I haven’t had the energy to even think about packing for holiday. Kaboodledad has been working all the hours under the sun to make sure we have enough money to take away with us, to pay the bills, and save some for when we get back. (Self employment is fun and all that but not having the option to take holiday days make it difficult)

I have managed to pack up a fair bit, I’ve even managed to surprise myself with what I achieved in one day. Today I need to go do some shopping for thug we need to take away with us and for some clothes for my ever growing child who seems to have outgrown all of her trousers overnight. A busy day ahead, I’m curious as to how it will pan out!

Speak soon!
*its likely I won’t be online much until after holiday now 🙂 


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