Poor Weekends!

Good Morning All!

I’ve already posted a post for our trying to conceive journey today, if you’re interested, check it out here.

As for us as a famalam in general, we spent the majority of the weekend inside. The weather hasn’t been nice for about two weeks now, heavy rain and strong winds are what we are currently dealing with. The weather is indeed poor and it’s made my little whump poorly too!

Miss willow has had a cough all weekend and had the day of school yesterday because of it. She’s also off today. Her cough is rough, it’s all throaty and has made her have trouble sleeping at night. She’s been waking and crying with the pain in her throat and there’s very little we can do really.Β  During the days, you wouldn’t think she was under the weather, although yesterday she did have an afternoon nap, well, we both did, but don’t tell anyone I got in on the afternoon napping action too πŸ˜‰

We’ve been a bit skint this weekend too so we were really limited on what we could do. A lot of free activities are outdoorsy ones. Walking, playing at the park , the beach , all those kinds of things were off limits because of willows cough and with us being a bit short this week, indoor activities weren’t really an option. We had bill week last week and money was tight because Mei had to have the time off work to look after me while I recovered and we had a bank holiday last Monday meaning the last two weekends have been financially tight. I’m glad we have good control over our money though, everything that needed paying was paid for and the only thing we couldn’t afford were the usual weekend extras. It wasn’t really a problem for me, staying in is one of my favourite things to do! It’s not really my kaboodle pair’s cup of tea though! While I’m happy to sit around and crochet all day, they’re more active and outgoing. The extroverts to my introvert πŸ™‚ They were both pretty fed up.

Usually, we do go out a lot on weekends, but this weekend we just stuck to our usual shopping routine, visited a family member and spent the rest of the time we had at home. Sunday Meirion decided to tackle the back garden much to my delight since it’s been overgrown for too long. The in and out weather we’ve had lately has made the grass grow so quickly, it was almost a foot long in some places and near enough a forest in other places. it was less than a month ago, we mowed it all down!

needless to say, it needed doing again and all was going well until disaster struck!

Kaboodle Dad was mowing away at the forest and it was a bit tough, it just seemed too long and it was taking him a while to strim and then mow, bit by bit. As he was mowing over a part he had justΒ  strimmed, the mower caught in a really dense part of the grass and swung forward, his foot got caught by the blade and we thought his walking days were over!

I realised what had happened and ran to get a towel. He hopped over to the house and sat on a dining table. His shoe was cut to shreds and his sock was mutilated and covered in blood, we really thought we were going to find a really big cut in his toe or even worse, find hi toe completely separate to the rest of his foot!Β  Well, turns out he had only taken a layer or two of skin off! Significant enough to cause a big bleed, small enough to be covered by a large plaster. It wasn’t a deep cut, it was shallow but very long. Lucky, that’s what it was, Lucky to a degree I cant even fathom!

After the accident,Β  we abandoned all efforts to sort out the garden. The back door got closed, the toys and crochet came back out and the football was watched by my injured hubby.

A quiet weekend, with a bit of craziness at the end!

I guess It’s not really us if there isn’t some sort of excitement, even if that excitement was borderline tragic!


As always, Thanks for stopping by! Check out our instagram for more regular updates! πŸ™‚


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