14 days post op, Metformin day 1

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** This is a trying to conceive post,
it’s likely there will be some TMI included here.
TMI = Too Much Information**
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Yesterday was 2 weeks since my laparoscopy. I have been healing well, I’ve been without a plaster on both wounds for about a week now and they are okay. The lower of the two is healing very well while the cut on my belly button is a little bit weepy, or at least that’s how it looked until yesterday.

I had an itch and without much thought, I rubbed my thumb along the cut to ease it, I caught a stitch and accidentally pulled it out a little bit. I looked down and realised what I had done and carefully removed it. I thought it would be best that way, rather than it get caught on a shirt or something, I took it out carefully. They were dissolvable so I’m taking a guess that the inside part of the stitch had dissolved and the rest just needed to come away anyway.
On the day of the operation, the gynae told me to visit my GP two weeks later and get a prescription for metformin and start taking them, I was a good little infertile and headed straight to the doctors yesterday as instructed.

The GP was lovely, a different one to whom I usually see, he was very pleasant and understanding. The gynae who preformed my operation told me that he would send a letter to my GP explaining about the lap and that I needed to start taking metformin, only, when my GP opened the letter from the gynae, there was nothing in there about the metformin. I instantly thought to myself that I wouldn’t be having any tablets and I was disappointed but instead of getting down, I told the doctor that the gynae had told me that I need to take the metformin because he wants to regularise my periods and I’m hopeful to get started as soon as possible. The GP turned around and said that he realised I knew my stuff and he would prescribe them anyway since I clearly knew what I was dealing with and had already waited long enough. I was relieved. He told me all about the metformin and that I need to take one a day for 1 week, then 2 a day for a week and then I need to go back to get the next set of tablets and take them three times a day. That’s fine, I can manage that. While I was there I asked him to double-check my belly wound and he said he thinks it might have a minor infection and he was going to give me a course of antibiotics to make sure it’s nipped in the bud. I agreed, I don’t fancy having an infection. I kind of wish there was a better way to treat something like that though, I’d rather a treatment that were more direct, maybe an antibiotic spray or cream, rather than taking a course of antibiotics. With the TTC journey taking a step up, I want to focus on getting my body healthy, and while I see the antibiotics are necessary for clearing up an infection, I really don’t want to be putting that poop into my body, I’d rather be focusing on getting my body clean and healthy.
Back to what I was saying about the cut and pulling out the stitch, I hadn’t, at the time of seeing the doctor, removed the stitch and since removing it, it looks really good and healthy, not infected at all but I’ve already started taking the antibiotics so I need to continue them. 6 more days, 4 tablets a day! Fun, fun, fun!
I also made the fatal error of forgetting how antibiotics affect me while I was with the GP. Antibiotics ALWAYS give me thrush! That awful thing that always drives me insane and I’ve only ever suffered with while on antibiotics and I forgot to tell the doctor! Normally I’d have an additional prescription for thrush cream and a pessary for when my course is over but now I don’t! It’s no bother, I could phone and get a prescription written for it or buy it, although they do cost a small fortune so I think I’ll call the doctor today and explain that I forgot.

So, metformin,

I’m really quite pleased to be on these (finally), I know it’s not the answer to all my problems but it’s a stepping stone to getting them addressed, I couldn’t be happier. When I collected my prescription the pharmacist told me that they’re likely to make me light-headed because they will lower my blood sugar levels, he told me to “eat a Mars bar” if that happens. (#WINNING 😃)
I took my first metformin yesterday with my lunch and I’ve taken my antibiotics too, I felt queasy yesterday evening, maybe a mixture of both affecting me. They’ve both got side affects of nausea, sickness and diarrhea and taking them together, well, I’m a bit scared about how I’m going to be feeling for the next few days!
With that said, I’m hoping I’ll take well to the metformin and as soon as the antibiotics are done with, I can focus on getting back to my balanced eating habits and drinking more water again. Since the op I’ve been being really lazy with food and instead of water I’ve been drinking lots of tea. So far a 4lb gain on the scales, not too bad but also not good since I think my weight gain/loss makes all the difference to the PCOS. I’m certainly going to be focusing more on getting those extra pounds off while I’m taking the metformin. I’m also hoping that the metformin makes it that little bit easier, I know it’s often prescribed to women with PCOS to help the with weight loss as well as regularising their periods, fingers crossed it does the same for me!

As for Aunt Flo, well, something strange indeed has happened. I have had some light spotting/flow. Hard to tell just yet since it was bedtime when I noticed and there was only a dribble, pink though.
I went over to my fertility apps and put in the information. It’s been 33 days since my last period!

Oh my god. I can’t believe it! A 33 day cycle! I don’t think I’ve had a cycle this short since I was about 14! A quick check through on my app and it turns out, that if I did ovulate, I would have been ovulating on the day of the Operation! How crazy is that?!

I’m a little skeptical as to whether or not my body is actually starting to work by itself, like the doctor said, it seems my cysts have dramatically reduced in size and I wonder if this all starting to come together now. A working body! Actual female parts that behave in the way female parts are supposed to behave!? Really? Does this even happen to me?
Like I said before, I haven’t been tracking my fertility at all since January. Since I realised I’d be waiting a while for the operation we both decided to take a break from trying and just take it as it goes. I kind of wish I had been tracking now because I would be more aware as to whether or not my body is actually stating to work, whether it actually does what it’s supposed to do. I still have a lot to learn with regards to all this stuff, even though I’ve been reading about it all for years, I still feel unknowledgeable about it all. I’m certainly going to be taking more time to do more research. I know about the things to do with regards to seeing if your body is ovulating, checking CM and CP, tempting, etc but like I’ve said before, I’m still pretty unaware to how my body behaves in the lead up to ovulation and my period. These last few days I have had terribly sore boobs that are also aching. I’ve often imagined pulling out one of the glass shelves from the fridge and pressing my boobs up against it! I know that sound totally strange and weird and crazy but seriously, anything cool that I can press up against looks immensely attractive right now! *i havent by the way, I just really want to!

In other, other news, today is the day little lefty is due for her check up. I’m kind of annoyed that my boob is going to be checked over with it being so sore and achy but, it’s really important I get it checked out and I’m looking forward to finding out what they have to say about it this afternoon.

I’m Not going to let myself get concerned, I’m like 90% sure it’s just a cyst that will be able to be removed with no problem. Let’s hope I’m right.

Okay, I’ve pretty much covered everything that’s connected to our journey so far, I might even end up getting pregnant sooner than I thought! My next predicted date of ovulation is while we are on holiday! Can you imagine? A holiday baby? I’m trying not to get too excited but it’s hard, it’s just exciting! Mr Kaboodle and I have managed to ‘connect’ since the op so I know all is okay in that department!
for now though, I just need to focus on keeping track of my eating, my tablets and my bodily functions. I’m going to start temping again soon so that will be another thing to consider.I’m also really considering getting some opk’s for this cycle but at the same time I’m kind of thinking about going it alone this time and seeing if I can finally get to know my body a bit better without having to pee on a stick. We’ll see. I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated!

Rhigh now, I’m off to eat some breakfast so I can take my second metformin tablet and get some more blogging done!

No rest for the wicked hey?

Talk soon friends!


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