5 days post Lap 

Hey everyone!

How are we all today? I’m feeling a bit rough around the edges again 😩 I didn’t sleep very well again last night, seeing 2am the last time I checked the time. I’ve felt sore again today, maybe because I didn’t get around to relaxing much, sleep heals too, which I’m obviously not getting a lot of so I feel poorly again. The weather here is also sucky today, rain, rain, and more rain.

I’m fed up of having to walk around in baggy clothing too, well, kind of anyway. I don’t mind wearing the baggy stuff because d rather be comfortable instead of in pain but most of my baggy stuff I only usually wear around the house and they just don’t work for the outside world, they’re baggy around the waist and way to long in the leg, perfect for doing the housework, not for doing the food shopping. My bottoms were soaked today an I jut feel all dirty and damp. I’ve changed but the wet and the cold have made my skin cold an. It’s taking me ages to warm up.

Mentally I feel hazy again. A mixture of sleep deprivation and soreness causing my to struggle with my attention span. I am already looking forward to bed tonight.

On the plus side, my little sister has come to stay the night! I haven’t had any quality time with her for a while now. I wish I had slept last night so I felt better today but, if you can’t be a post op pile of mess around your sister, who can you?

My legs feel strange too, irritated, restless. I think that added to my inability to sleep last night. I forgot to wear my decompression socks for two nights and now I’m slightly worried, I have a funny bruise feeling on one of my legs too. I’m going to give it the weekend and if it’s no better by Monday, a trip to the GP it will be.


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