A mismatched kind of day!

On Thursday, we we’re busy bees here. The weather has been in and out these past couple of  days, one minute the sun is shining through it’s behind, the next minute it’s clouded over and dull, top it all off with some cold wind and the garden has been less inviting. It hasn’t really been a problem, Willow and I spent the best part of the sunshine playing with the parachutes, which, by the way, were epic fun! Willow was in fits of laughter playing with them! We spent about an hour or so throwing pinkie pie and Fluttershy up into the air and watching them float back down again. 

The overcast weather of the afternoons have been giving us some time inside. Since I haven’t been planing many indoor activites because I was under the impression the sun was going to be out, we’ve been getting crafty.I mulled over ideas in my mind and I just decided that painting would be a fail safe way to entertain us. I wanted to make it a bit more entertaining though so instead of using paint brushes, I thought we could play with some shapes. We’ve been learning shapes for ages, willow has quite a good grasp on them. She was better, but it’s the age old, once she had it, I stopped teaching it and she’s slipped back a little. It doesn’t bother me that she’s forgotten, it only takes a nudge and some encouragement and she was well away again.

So, I collected all the shapes from the shape sorters around the house and also some duplo blocks, made up some paint and grabbed a pile of scrap paper. I decided to make a video to pop onto our YouTube channel. I’ve not done many videos over there but the ones that I have put up and any more than in do in the future, only really add to what this blog is for. It’s pretty much a huge online journal of Willows life and and she gets older, she’ll be able to read and watch everything I’ve put here! It’s exciting, but, if I’m totally honest, putting videos on YouTube is still a strange concept to me! I don’t do public speaking very well but I’ve given it a go and will continue to do so for Willows sake because YouTube is such a great way to keep special memories! If you’re interested in watching how we got on with our shapes and paint session, click here for the video. 

In true kaboodle spirit, I guess a crafty post wouldn’t be the same without a photo! So here’s my little whump giving all you kaboodlers a big thumbs up! 


I can assure you, she wasn’t that clean for much longer!

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