You know what’s funny?

Hearing things from a toddler! That’s just it actually, toddlers crack me up, especially mine!

It’s got me thinking, I might start a little feature on the sideline…


I don’t plan to have it set like a weekly feature, but rather, as random as my child is, so shall be my posts. This week, we’ve had some crackers! Things that have made me laugh out loud and my heart melt simultaneously!

So, to kick this off, here’s a few thing’s my whumpy girl has said to me this week.

*walking around the house pushing her dolly pram*
*looks into dolly pram*
“Oh no, I’ve lost my baby.”
*starts looking on the floor*


*sat on the sofa, watching YouTube videos*
“Mum! Come help!”
*i walk in* 
“what’s wrong sweet?”
“Mum, ask google for peppa pig”
*opens Google dictation search… Looks at me with big eyes and whispers*
“it’s not listen to me”


*getting dressed in the morning*
*grabs a wet wipe*
*wipes herself*
“mum, I clean me coz I smelly.”


“mum, why my birthday not right now?”
me: “because you weren’t born right now.”
*huffs and puffs*
“My birthday need to come right now.”


*walks up to me, grabs my belly*
*shakes my belly*
“Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate.”
*walks off*

I guess you could say I gave birth to a comedian!

I hope you find her as funny as I do and I’ll catch up with you all soon!


12 thoughts on “You know what’s funny?

  1. prettylittlemamas1 says:

    Ah I love this idea! I also have two little comedians in my house, out of the mouths of babes right?! I’ve also been given the ‘wibble wobble, jelly on the plate’ treatment from Mr 3. You can’t help but laugh I guess!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Our middle girl has always been full of comedy gold. Award goes to our youngest though – who was once heard (shouting at her sister) “You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not Mum, and you’ve got no teeth” πŸ™‚

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