April heat waves!

forget April showers, we’ve been blessed with a heatwave, ive even managed to tan my arms because it’s been so lovely! In your face pasty winter skin!

These past few days have been filled with outdoor playtime, we’ve been having fun playing with magic paint, an inexpensive, easy to do playtime tool on sunshine filled day, just get a cup of water, a paintbrush and paint away on the garden patio slabs! We painted rainbows and clouds and Baymax (obviously) amongst some things and we’ve been having water fights and playing with bubbles.

I don’t think I have mug to complain about lately and the weather really helps me forget my impending operation. Which falls to the forefront of my mind everytime I have a quiet moment.

I’ve been trying to butter up willow with stickers and massive acknowledgement when she’s behaving like a good girl in preparation for the time I am recovering from the op. Maybe a few new games will be needed between then and now for the few days it takes me to get back on my feet. Luckily, I have a super supportive partner in Kaboodle dad, he’s already planned the time off work to come with me for the op and for the days following it.

We’ve already arranged for Willow to stay out the night before too, her super grandparents are going to take care of her while meirion and I are away for my operation. 

I would say that we’re pretty much prepared for the day so far, of course I still need to arrange all the bits and pieces I need to take with me but I can do that over the next two weeks.

For now, I’m enjoying the sunshine and playing in water with my little whump while I can. I’ve also been making sure to keep the washing pile to the minimum. The last thing I need is to be bed bound for a few days and kaboodle dad not being able to find toddler socks…. What a thought!

Anyway, I hope the weather where you are is just as fab!

Thanks for reading!  

Magic Paint – find more images over on instagram – kaboodle_mum


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