Our weekend! 

Since last night I updated you with my Trying to conceive journey I figured I should update you with what’s been going on with us too 🙂

Last week, we had a sun filled heatwave! It was wonderful weather and the majority of the week was spent out the back garden. A great way to use up our time during the second week of half term. This weekend has been sunny but the wind has made it a lot cooler, in fact I thought it was very cold! Maybe a repercussion after having such warm weather in the days before it.

Saturday we had planned to go to a new car boot sale we hadn’t been to before. We were up and out quite early. The boot sale was disappointing, a poor turn out didn’t give us muh to look at. We bought some strawberries from the market and had a little munch on our way around. Miss kaboodle bought a toy (from a happy meal that she had before and I had already binned!) and we bought some food from other stalls.

On our way from the boot sale we stopped off at IKEA and bought willow a new table and we also bought ourselves a new TV unit which has space for some boxes inside, we bought the boxes in a mix of pinks and willow now has a better space for all her toys, much to my pleaseure because there’s room or them all now in all the boxes, before they were often strewn across the living room due to lack of space. After getting home we decided a BBQ was what we wanted for lunch, Meirion cooked us all burgers while I sat and watched the lead up to the Grand National and Willow played between the house and the garden. By the evening, we were all ready for bed after spending most of the afternoon stuffing our faces with BBQ food, we were super full!

Yesterday we went to 2 more boot sales, we just love them! Bargains, bargains, bargains….. At the first one, our first purchase was a pink piano and seat set for Willow, a steal at only £3, I also picked her up a dressing gown in immaculate condition for £1! We also bought more strawberries and some raspberries too. Nothing else caugh our eye so we went and checked out the circus in the next field. It’s’ a traveling circus and only visiting the area temporarily but much to my sheer delight, I caught sight of a zebra! A zebra people! An actual real life black and white zebra was grazing on Welsh soil, I was in awe, as were my kaboodle pair and the majority of our afternoon was filled with signing “Afro circus” which miss Kaboodle enjoyed more than seeing the actual zebra, “can we watch ma’gascar mum?” We popped home for lunch and then made our way to the second boot sale. This one wasn’t much of a turn out either and the bargains were few and far between, however, we did buy a shelf for £2 that hadn’t been opened and would look lovely in our living roomand The bargain of the day, was a Leapfrog Reader set. It came with the carry case, the reader, 7 games and books and it was all pink and purple. We paid £1! I couldn’t believe it when the man said he’d take £1 for it all! What a bargain!

After all that bargain hunting, we went home and spent the afternoon filtering through Willows new books and games, playing along with all the games and reading the stories. We played on the piano and I showed Meirion and willow how good I am at playing that song from big…Willow had been key bashing and singing the alphabet and let it go, she’s danced to the prerecorded songs and even tried singing daddy finger to the tune of Mozart….. Fun times. Fun times indeed.

Needless to say, we were all ready for bed again last night! Miss Willow is back in school today, the normal routine is back in full swing, fresh clothes ready, breakfast eaten and a quick blog post from me. Today I plan to clear away the destruction of this weekend and have a sort out of mine and Willow craft supplies….their getting out of hand!

I hope your weekend was just as fun! Anybody else had any bargains? From a car boot or not, tell me what your most recent steal of the day was 🙂 

As always, thanks for reading! Talk to you all later 🙂


7 thoughts on “Our weekend! 

  1. Jonathan says:

    My weekend was ever-so-slightly crazy. Hosted a Harry Potter party for 12 kids. I dressed as Dumbledore. You can read about it on the blog (yes, I moved my blog)

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