Sunshine and water balloons!

We are currently in the midst of a heatwave here in Wales. Mr sunshine has indeed come out to play and in true South-Walien style, the flip flops have been dusted off to see the light of day again. I’ve witnessed some people actually sunbathing! It’s still a bit chilly when the wind hits you but none of that matters, the sun is out and so are all the crazy sun worshipers, myself included. 

We’ve spent the last few days enjoying what could be known as our summer since we usually get a lot of rain in the months normal countries call summer. With that said, I am not complaining, it’s a god send to have such lovely weather after spending the last few months tucked inside with the heating on. 

Yesterday I grabbed the bull by the horns and took a quick trip down town to get some summer essentials, water balloons, water pistols, bubbles and for some random reason, a badminton set. We spent some time filling up the water balloons and when we got out the back to throw them, willow was unsure. So to show her how they worked I threw one, without realising that she was running directly into its landing zone. With one big splash, my little whump jumped, it had missed her by inches but she felt the splash and it scared her. The tears that followed were real. My laugh, that I could not contain was also real. At the risk of sounding like a terrible parent, I laughed and laughed and laughed until I cried real tears too. I couldn’t help it, I had shown her what I was doing and it just so happened to play out the way it did, much to my unsuspecting toddlers surprise. My poor little princess didn’t like the water balloons after that, not until I showed her how fun it was to throw one for the dog and watch the way she got curious as to where the big shiny pink ball I just threw had gone! Oh that made willow enjoy the water balloons! 

With the crying over and the dog loosing her marbles, Kaboodle dad came home from work and we cracked open the water pistols. After seeing willows reaction to the splash from the water balloon, I’m still laughing as I type, I wasn’t sure she would respond very well to the water pistols. Well I was wrong, my mascara stained face from yesterday afternoon would tell the story better than me. Willow took the pistol and without instructions she shot me right in my face! Then she laughed and laughed and laughed and as I wiped the water away from my eyes, she shot me again, relentlessly over and over and over! She squeeled with delight as me and her daddy had to run away from her firing line…. We failed, epically, because those little bad boys could shot water the length and width of our garden, we had no escape! I armed myself and much to my delight I got revenge on her, I shot her lots and lots and lots but she didn’t care, her little clothes wet and droopy, he little face bright and smily! It was a great afternoon and we spent the whole time out the garden playing with the guns, balloons, bubbles and badminton. 

I’ll be honest, I was in bed fast asleep by 10pm last night! Parenthood always has a way of making us parents tired, but sometimes, it’s for the best reasons!

I hope the sun is shining where ever you are in the world.


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