A long weekend.

We’ve been busy here at the Kaboodle house this weekend, with two bank holidays giving kaboodle dad a day off on either side of the weekend, we’ve had four days of family time.

We’ve had some great fun, and Easter Sunday turned out to be one of the best Easters we’ve had yet! It’s true what they say, things do get better as kids get older, Miss Willow had a brilliant day.

So what have we been up to?

Well, on Friday, our local fairground reopened! I’ve written about barry Island before, about what it means to us as a couple and even more so as a family but, the fairground has been closed for years, derelict and broken. It’s been planned for demolition and replacement with houses until it was recently bought by somebody who plans to spend a lot of money to restore it back to its former glory! It’s something very important for our town, Barry Island Pleasure Park is historical, years ago it would be full with people from all over the world,

Barry Island Beach 1967 click photo for link


Since 1920 Barry Island has Been an attraction but those early years aren’t what make us love it, for me and meirion, Barry Island has always been there, we’ve both grown up knowing barry Island as the place to be on a sunny day. We’ve both got very fond memories of the place, my mum worked there as a teenager and again as an adult when I was little so I spent lots of time there. Merions dad also worked there and throughout both of our lives, we’ve had some of the best times there. When the fairgroud closed, the whole town disagreed but with the beach and arcades there’s still been a reason to visit. I always got angry at the thought of never taking my kids to barry Island pleasure park, I couldn’t imagine a childhood without Barry Island being a regular memory maker and I always said it would be devastating if it actually was demolished and built over. Well no more! It has been bought and is being restored! It reopened on Friday an despite it being overcast, windy and cold, we had the best time!


Miss Kaboodle was in her element, with lots of wow’s and I want to go on that one’s going on, I was made up! We both were. At one point I welled up and my eyes brimmed with tears, it’s always been a dream of mine to see Willow at the pleasure park and on Friday it finally happened. We spent some time at the fairground, visited the usual arcades and then bought a kite and Willow had a blast flying it by herself! It really was a day second to none.

In the afternoon, we spent more time making easter gifts for the family and kaboodle dad even got crafty, taking over our caterpiller project and painting it all for us,

On Saturday we went shopping for some last minute easter gifts and some playdoh. The afternoon of Saturday was filled with more crafty goodness with the caterpillar being completed and an easter bonnet being created,


And after miss willow went off to bed, kaboodle dad and I set about getting the Easter egg hunt ready, complete with a play doh Baymax for the final find,

7 tubs of playdoh, almost 2 hours to make and totally worth it!

Sunday morning willow woke up and we quickly placed all the little purple and pink bunnies in various different places over the house. Willow then found her letter from the easter bunny and we went around the house finding her surprise eggs. Willow loves surprise eggs and we decided that instead of two or three chocolate eggs, we’d get her some surprise eggs to open instead. The baymax creation was inspired by her love of the film and baymax himself (who happens to be a regular invisible visitor to our house, along with Hiro) and also her love of playdoh videos on YouTube, she watches lots and lots of playdoh surprise egg videos on there and we figured she’d have fun with her own playdoh surprise. We weren’t wrong, Willow was absolutely excited by the playdoh baymax and needed no prompting to get started on breaking him up. We bought her a baymax teddy and some stickers for her sticker book and put them in the large egg for his belly. It took her about 3 minutes to destroy  baymax and then spent another 15 minutes opening all her surprise eggs and finding out what she had. After all the fun of the morning, we followed it by visiting family, having lunch and spending the afternoon chilling out at home. I went for a nap and left my pair of Kaboodlers to themselves!

We were blessed with some much needed sunshine yesterday and took the opportunity to visit a car boot sale (now the season is upon us! Whoop!) after a bargain or two, we went home and spent the afternoon playing in the garden. Willow finally got to play with her sand and water table again and had lots of fun making muddy puddles for herself to jump in, pouring water down her slide so she would fly down it and pouring sand over the dog, I guess that’s what sunny days were made for through the eyes of a toddler! After cutting the grass and tidying away the mess of winter, we now have a very inviting garden that needs to be played on!

Spring has sprung in our little corner of the world and we’ve had the best weekend making the most of it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re easter weekend has been just as fun as ours!



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