Our Craft Haul!

Today was the first day of Miss Chubby Cheeks Easter holidays and I decided we’d start off the holidays by replenishing our craft stock.

We used up a lot of the craft supplies during our Christmas craft Advent Calendar so a full blown restock had been well overdue. We started off the day with going to our local town and going to the 99p shop. If there’s one thing you can get from a pound shop it’s craft supplies and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some much needed things. We also bought some things from our local The Works and Home Bargains.

From the 99p shop we bought;

  • A set of 4 cookie cutters, bunny, chick, egg and bunny head shapes.
  • Giant pipe cleaners.
  • A stapler and hole punch set.
  • A chocolate mould in egg and bunny shapes.
  • 30 sheets of 250gsm white card.
  • Set of 12 acrylic paints.
  • Pack of 30 paper plates.

From the works we bought;

  • A bottle of pink ready mixed paint (Β£1)
  • Craft sticks (ice lolly sticks) (Β£1)

From Home Bargains;

  • Pack of two glue sticks (89p)
  • 3 bottles of ready mixed paint. White, yellow, blue (89p each)
  • My little pony craft pack, paint and pens (59p)

All of this stuff cost us less than Β£15 and we’ve been having some crafty fun already!

Will let you know what we’ve been up to in another post!



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