Easter gift baskets!

These were our first creative makes using the things we bought in our craft haul.

With it being the Easter half term and Willow having bounds of energy, as soon as we had eaten lunch, we were getting all the gubbins together to make something nice with our new craft supplies.

Willow asked if we could make cupcakes together this morning but I wasn’t keen to make them, instead I suggested we make nest cakes and planned to make them before dinner this eveing to keep the Tired Tears at bay. I suggested we make some small gift baskets, I thought they’d be fun to try because we’d just got our hands on some paper plates which meant we could make some pretty boxes quickly and easily. 

What you’re going to need;

  • Paper plates.
  • Card (A4)
  • Scissors.
  • Paint and brushes.
  • A stapler or some tape.
  • A pencil.
  • A ruler.

The method.

Mark the plate and cut as shown. 


Using the ruler, bend the plate in the places shown. 


 Fold the sides upwards to make it into a box, it’s up to you whether or not you want the folds on the outside or the inside, I kept them on the outside. Using the stapler, staple the outer sides to the inside of the box, repeat for the opposite side. 


Take the card and cut lengthways from the bottom to the top, put the strip of card to one side. 


Paint the box as you please. Once finished, paint the strips of card. 


Put them somewhere safe to dry. 

Once all pieces are dry, take the strip of card and tuck it in between the folds of the plate and staple it in place, repeat for the opposite side. 

I used a black marker to show my lines and cuts but I advise you use a pencil to keep the evidence of your lines to a minimum 😉


Once you’ve added the handle it’s complete, We decided to leave ours as they were painted but you can get as creative as you like, why not tie a ribbon around the middle? Glue buttons on? Smother them with glitter? The only limit is your imagination!


Here’s our complete baskets with some tissue paper inside!


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