Our homemade scrapbook!

This one is for the crafty mums amongst me. I decided that the time was upon us for a new scrapbook but I didn’t want to walk all the way to our nearby town to buy one. To fix my scrapbooking craving I decided to try my hand at making my own for miss kaboodle and I to fill with all sorts of crafty goodness. 

I didn’t have the foggiest idea of where to start other than having a big ol’ pile of paper. I googled how to make a scrapbook and clicked the first YouTube video that came up. 

It suited what I needed perfectly (and I had all the ingredients to make it!) so I went away and used that method for creating our very own book of scrap. Find the video here

(NOTE: I’m not affiliated with the creator of the video in anyway. I just googled and clicked the first thing….credit where credit is due for the maker of the video.)

Here’s, how things were

I got a whole load of paper in all the colours of the rainbow and cut out 6 small triangles down the folded edge. Using a weaving method and some skewers I joined the papers together.

Here’s a closer picture of the finished product (I had to remove a few colours after some binding issues which we shall not speak of!)

I’m joking, of course I’ll share my binding troubles with you. The reason I had to remove some pages is because there was simply too much. The embroidery thread I used just didn’t stay strong enough to hold all of the paper I originally planed together, but after several attempts and removal of four pages, I got it to work! I just tied them together in the middle of the spine for sturdiness.

I’ll be honest, it took me 5 hours to complete but had I not thought I was the craft equivalent of Wonder Woman, it probably would have only taken about 2 and a half hours to make it. The thing is, I tried to use ribbon and wool before using the embroidery thread and realising I was fighting a loosing battle with the amount of paper I had going on. I can safely say that my own twist on this already perfect method was pointless. I should have stuck to the plan and I wouldn’t have had to spend so much time and waste so much beautiful ribbon (because I had to cut it off!) making it!

Behold! Our first two pages are complete….

Awwwhhh, look how fabulous we look with our paper doily skirts and woolen hair! 

This project has taught me three things, 

  1. I am not clever enough to alter methods to fit my mental image of a finished product.
  2. I waste materials to willy-nilly!
  3. My daughter’s pretty good at self portraits already 😋

It was worth it though. The finished product is just what I needed to get me and my little kaboodler scrapbooking. It’s something I have been doing all along her life with her art work but she hasn’t been involved in the actual scrapbook itself, I hope to make this scrapbook our go-to for all our creative makes over the next few weeks and I will 100% make another one when this one is filled! (If not before, because I kind of fancy making one for myself!😏)

Obviously, my little 2 year old wasn’t involved in the construction of the scrap book and that’s why I said this one is for the crafty parent out there. It’s a sure fire way to satisfy your creative needs which will also (once it’s complete) satisfy the creative kids we’re rearing!

If you attempt to make one, please do share it with us here at KaboodleMum!


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