And just like that, the weekend was done

The weekend was done!

Followers, I have failed you. For two weeks now I have not posted my flashback Friday feature, which is something I promised to keep up, though in the back of my head I knew I’d stutter somewhere. I’m poor at doing things and keeping to it, but I’m optimistic! I will get them done at some point and that’s all that matters right?

So, where have I been? What have I been up too? Why have I been sporadically abandoning you all?

Well, as you’re all painfully aware, I’ve been up and down with some unknown illness. But, I’m happy to announce that I am on the mend! I decided I’d had enough of taking the tablets the doctors prescribed me, considering they didn’t know what they were actually treating me for, I guessed I didn’t need the treatment, so I stopped taking them and much to my surprise I now feel 100% better! Well, maybe 95% because I still have to watch what I eat but on the whole, I feel well and that means thatI’ve had lots more energy to get stuffdone.

The stuff that I’d planned to do on my New Years To-Do List!

All the energy I have lately has resulted in a spring clean too! I’m pretty sure the fresh scent of lemon flash will be on my hands for a while. I cleaned everything with anti bacterial wipes and polished and dusted and well, I momentarily turned into a modern day Cinderella!

The story of Cinderella has a happy ending and I must say Sunday had me feeling like a true princess! Mothers day, I woke up to dribble soaked kissed, and cuddles that resulted in snot being rubbed into my pyjamas but I didn’t care, hearing my two year old wish me a happy Mother’s Day made my heart melt!  

Normally, I give Kaboodle dad an inkling to what I want for Mother’s Day but this year I said I didn’t mind, just a card would do but judging by my wonderfully wrapped gift I had got more than I bargained for! I squealed with delight when I opened my gift, it was a wonderful photo frame I have had my eye on for months! I was so pleased! Second to that, I also had a piping bag and nozzles to play with too! I felt spoiled and my wonderful daughter made feel even more the princess when she placed a tiara on my head and said I looked pretty

We spent the morning down the beach, drinking hot chocolate and playing in our favourite arcade ad we followed it with an afternoon in the house just chilling out as a family, we attempted to decorate some cakes too, 

What more could a mother want?

I hope all you wonderful Mums had a great Mother’s Day too! 


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