How are we all? I’ve been absent, I’ve been avoiding writing as often as before because I haven’t got much to update you all on. I’ve been up and down with my illness, in and out of feeling great and feeling like death and unfortunately Kaboodlemum hasn’t seen my writing face as often as before because when I am feeling great, I’m busy having fun with my little family, busy catching up on washing and watching programmes I enjoy and to be honest with you, it’s been kind of nice to take a break, I think I wrote daily for about 2-3 months, and I came to a point where I had nothing to say and that’s no good for someone who enjoys writing like I do. 

I’ve been keeping up with you all though, coming online to catch up and read what’s going in in your world, seeing your photos and reading everything you have on offer and I’ve read some great stuff too, so keep up the good work bloggers!

So what should I write about? Well, recently I’ve been thinking about writing more in depth about things I have an opinion on, maybe debatable topics? I tired debatable topics when I first started blogging but they weren’t met by the audience I expected. I’ve since learnt that not everything is seen by everyone and back then I didn’t have as many followers and I think That played a part in their lack of views, I think the thing I was most guilty of back then is thinking that I had sometng on offer that other bloggers didn’t. I’ve now realised that I wasn’t writing for me then and I am now. I’ve also grown as a person and people can change their views and opinions So I’ve made the decision to revisit my previous posts and see how I feel About my writing back then, maybe my opinions have changed, maybe not? I know it will be nice to revisit my early work and see how I’ve grown. We’re all brutally aware that when we gain new followers, it’s very rarely we see them interacting with our older posts, seeing where we came from and how we’ve grown, they follow us from that point on and keep up with posts we write from then on. Who can blame them? Especially when some bloggers write daily and may have had their blogs for years, it’s a lot to filter through. Yes, a revisit to my older posts and a new write up about them is something I am going to do. Hopefully they will be better recieved now than they were when I only had 5 followers!


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