Our weekend.

we were blessed with our first dose of spring yesterday. The weather was warm and wonderful. 

We woke up and decided that we would go out and buy some plant pots and flowers and spend the day out the back garden. We had some shopping to do too so we set about our day by visiting all the various different places we needed to go and bought all that we needed.

We picked up some plant pots, some flowers, some hanging baskets and some soil. We decided on some tulips and violas and we used the mini roses and daffodils we bought some weeks ago to plant. We placed the violas in the hanging baskets and we placed a miniature rose bush, some daffs and some Tulips in the planters, they look sweet, with a bit of luck I’m hoping they’ll all turnout lovely.

Last year we didn’t have much luck with pretty much everything we bought, most of the flowers we bought didn’t grow and just died within a week or two and other ones we planted grew and grew and grew some more but didn’t flower. We had some success though, we planted some flowers given to us from my mother in law and they grew like wild flowers, but come winter they died off and had to be removed, I’ve no idea what they were but they grew tall and had lots and lots of flowers on them.

We spent all afternoon in our back garden, Kaboodle dad hung the baskets and us Kaboodle girls busied ourselves with the ‘clubhouse‘ as Miss ChunkyBum has named it, really it’s a Wendy house but it’s Willows and if Willow wants to call it a clubhouse, then a clubhouse it is. I placed some carpet down and cleaned it out, reorganised her toys and garden games and put them all inside with a wicker chair and table, if she ever wants to escape to her clubhouse in the summer. It didn’t stop there though, we had the back door open all day, we played music and danced and sang along. Miss Kaboodle Played with water, rode her bike, and played on her slide. I tackled my washing pile and hung washing on the line for the first time this year and between us all, we filled the planters, placed the flowers into them and watered them, we had such a lovely day and by the time bedtime came around, we were all ready to go to sleep.

Today, we decided that we would go bargain hunting. We’re sticklers for car boot sales but they’ve not started yet so instead, we found a market and went for a browse. We bought some bits and bobs and shared some Welsh cakes, Willow asked to have one of those balls that smell like fruits and that’s now  being bounced around the house, driving the dog insane. It was raining This morning, a fry cry from the weather we had yesterday but the sun is starting to shine through the clouds, maybe another hour or so and we’ll be able to sit out the back again and enjoy some more sunshine, or maybe we could all have a nap. Maybe my Daddy/daughter duo can go out the back and I could have a nap? 

A nap sounds good. 

Happy Sunday all!


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