Saint David’s Day!

Every year, on March 1st, us Here in Wales celebrate St. David’s Day, also known as Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant here. It’s a celebration to remember the Patron saint, Saint David. Traditionally  poetry recitals and small concerts are  part of the annual traditions, as is some fancy dress in schools and other places.

These days, the lowest requirement for dress-up on Saint David’s day is to wear something red. Most adults wear a Welsh rugby top and teens in school, the same thing (or at least something red.) Parents of those in primary school tend to go all out though, opting for a Welsh lady outfit for the girls and a similar outfit for boys, both outfits look old, the girls wear bonnets and the boys wear flat caps, they’re very traditional looking. I remember dressing up as a little Welsh lady and I remember the boys in school wearing outfits too, of course, when I was in secondary school it was just a day to wear our own clothes as long as we wore something red, but, from my childhood, many a photo of me stood at the bottom of the stairs dressed in my bonnet and dress exists.

Willows nursery gave us notice last week that they were going to be doing their St David’s day dress up on Friday, the requirement being to wear something red or a version of the previously mentioned traditional outfit.

Here’s some photos I found of the outfits,


A Welsh Lady


A Welsh Man


(Click the photos for the links)

As you can see they’re pretty old-fashioned looking but it’s one of those things that’s never-changing, I would bet money that there isn’t a male or female in Wales that hasn’t worn a version of these outfits at least once in their lives. Like I said, Willows nursery requested a St David’s Day dress up day on Friday, initially I wanted to get a Welsh lady outfit for Willow but I decided against it, I knew that she would get frustrated with the hat and because she is so young I know she doesn’t realise that it’s fancy dress and she doesn’t understand the meaning of the day anyway so instead, I sorted out a little red dress and white tights to wear on the day. Friday came around, we went up to get ready for school and I put the dress on willow, she spun around almost immediately and then stopped, she wasn’t happy,

Willow : mummy, I don’t like this dress!

Me: what do you mean? It’s very pretty!

Willow: no mummy, it’s broken, look see,

**spins around again**

Willow: broken!

Me: it’s not broken baby, it’s not supposed to spin with you, it’s not that kind of dress babes.

I tried to explain that only dresses with wide bottoms fanned out when spun around, her red dress wasn’t once of those dresses.

Willow: no mummy, take it off it is broken! I don’t want to wear it.

At this point willow was trying to get out of the dress with all her might, struggling, huffing, puffing and grunting.

Me: okay, what dress do you want to wear then?

Willow walks to her wardrobe and picks out a different dress.

Willow: This one!

I wasn’t going to argue, in fact, I was happy. She had chosen a pretty dress and in her opinion it didn’t matter that it wasn’t red, what mattered was that it was pretty, she was comfortable and it fanned out when spun, which, as we all know, is a very important feature.

I love her individuality. Her willingness to plead her case and argue that she isn’t happy, her want to wear what she wants to wear and the fact that she won’t take no for an answer, I hope she carries that confidence through for the rest of her life, but for now, I’m proud to say that she is my little Welsh daffodil and I love her just the way she is,



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