Shopping trips and extortionate price tags.

Sometimes, here at the Kaboodle house, miss Willow and I put down the crafts and the tablets and we instead play games.

Today has been one of those days.
The weather outside can’t make its mind up on whether it wants to blow a gail or give us sunburn. Yesterday we actually had snow, hail, heavy rain, Light rain, thunder and lightening and glorious springtime sun! I wasn’t planning on doing much today and that has meant that indoor play has been the choice boredom buster.

Recently, Miss Chubby Cheeks has developed a very enviable imagination, I only wish I was capable of imagining the things she does, however, because I am blessed enough to be her mother, I get to join in on the action anyway.

These past few weeks, Willow has began making businesses. We have a taxi service, shops, hairdressers and cleaners. I have been charged more money than I care to count for her services but luckily, she accepts thin air!

Today, we played shops. The first shop was just for general shopping, she asked me what I wanted, I told her, she fetched the things and I paid her.
I had quite a large shopping list today,
Eggs, bacon, bread, butter, milk, yoghurt, strawberries, grapes, apples and pizza. After being handed my imaginary foods and packing them in my imaginary reusable shopping bag, I asked how much I owed her, she told me the bill was £300! I paid, but I told her I thought her prices were very high, to which she replied “you’re funny, mummy”!

Well, I’m glad you think so!

Next we played hairdressers, Willow gave me a bobble, a brush and some spray, the kind of spray that helps tame and untangle her wayward nest of a hairdo. I set to work, she explicitly told me that I must not touch her eyes (ears) and that she wanted a bobble. We then discussed placement of said bobble, high/medium/low and she told me high, I brushed it up, wrapped it up with the bobble and charged her a pretty fair £25. She paid me my thin air and told me it was my turn.

She brushed my hair twice, charged me £100 and told me I was beautiful.
I told her she could have £200 for being such a lovely girl.

We both laughed and then she toddled off, muttering about needing to find ‘I loves you bear’ and that she must get her taxi to home bargains for a flump.


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