My week.

I haven’t been on much these last few days because I’ve been ill, I did explain earlier on in the week that I had been plagued with another cold/flu and I was naive to think it would be over soon.

I have been so ill, not only with the flu but with what-ever-it-is that’s wrong with my guts, the doc has sent me for more tests and I’m waiting until Monday to get them done.

In other news, my week has been more than just staying in bed feeling sorry for myself.
Willow has turned over a new leaf, she has overcome the attitude and has returned to being my normal baby girl, while elements of the attitude have stayed, she has also been putting a lot of effort into being a good girl and with the return of her reward chart, we’re seeing some real positive results!
On Wednesday I went to see someone about quitting smoking, I haven’t actually put down the fags just yet but I do have some gums and patches waiting for me to start in the next few days, I’m hoping to run an additional feature about my journey from Smoke-Dependant to Smoke-Free, no doubt I will be discussing the difficulty and whether or not I succeed or fail, so that’s a new door open. Let’s see how it goes!
Another thing that has happened is another visit from Mother Nature ~ that kind of visit. That opens up more ‘trying to conceive’ options, even my body is a writing prompt!
Lastly, I was also nominated by another blogger for the ‘real neat blog award’ which was lovely, unfortunately I haven’t responded yet, for two reasons, one being this pesky illness has blocked my brain from working and two, between Miss Kaboodle and Mr Kaboodle the tablets have been hijacked and for some weird reason my phone won’t let me copy and paste the thing so I’m stuck.
Hoping to get around to getting that done soon.

So that rounds up my week, it’s been emotional but that’s life, hopefully now I feel a bit better I can play catch up with everything, except writing 201: Poetry which I’m shamelessly dropping out of for reasons.

Oodles and kaboodles of loves!
Hope your week was better than mine


2 thoughts on “My week.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. I’ve been rubbish at following blogs for the last few weeks, so didn’t really notice (my bad).

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