Playing with foam

I originally saw a post similar to this one over on The Pinterested Parent so I would like to thank her for giving me the inspiration for doing this craft with my little chunk.

I’m no stranger to foam that’s sticky when wet, over the years we’ve had many foam bath toys but I never thought to use my own shapes and ideas with the same material. It never crossed my mind.

After getting the inspiration I set off on a mission to find some foam sheets, luckily I found some in the Works. It was £2 for a pack of 20 A5 sheets in a mixture of colours.

First of all I took the foam sheets and a pair of scissors and I cut out a load of random shapes, chucked them into a kitchen bowl and let my kaboodle kid out on the fridge!




As you can see, this was a success!

Miss Kaboodle had so much fun and told me all the things she was making, we made shapes together but on the whole I let her use her imagination to do whatever she liked, it didn’t end there either, after playing with them on the fridge for most of the afternoon, we took them up for bath time too!
Willow and I decorated the bathroom wall with pretty shapes and had lots of fun!

A big thumbs up from me and my girl for this craft.
What’s even better is for all the shapes we have, there’s still so much foam left over so when these have been used, broken and chewed by the cats, we still have plenty left over to make more. For £2 and 10 minutes of scissor action, you can go wrong with this activity!


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