Parenting, it’s a journey.

Parenting is a journey,
Everyone is worthy
A positive is first
Then comes the rest,
No matter what, you’ll give it your best.

10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes,
With fathers eyes and mothers nose,
They’ll soon have shoes
They’ll soon be tall
But you’ll never forget that they were once small.

Parenting people, it can be a pain
Mum or dad, that’s your new name,
Babies, boobies
Bottles and blankies
But, let’s not forget the games.

Baby grows, little vests,
Nights full of broken rest,
Feeding, changing
Tears and fears,
They will always need you near.

Fingerprints on the walls,
Footprints on the floors,
Toys here,
Toys there,
Toys will be everywhere,

It’s not all doom and gloom
For more memories, there’s always room,
Some days are great
Somedays are bad
Somedays will be the best you’ve had.

You don’t need to be perfect,
Just show them they’re worth it,
You’ll get it wrong,
You’ll get it right,
It will always be worth the fight.

A journey is parenting, you will grow
You will learn things as you go,
If you need to,
in me confide
I am just another person on the parenting ride.

I find it hard, I find it easy
I find the stinks can make me queasy
But I love it,
you will too,
I might even confide in you.

Grow with me, learn with me
On this long parenting journey,
We’ll laugh,
we’ll cry,
Sometimes we won’t even know why.

But At the end of our day,
When morning is only hours away
We’ll not be sad,
There’ll be no sorrow,
Just the promise that we’ll see them tomorrow.

Original Poem by Faye Lobeck.
In response to writing 201: poetry, day 2.
Prompt: Journey
Form: Limerick
Device: alliteration


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