Toilet roll holder owls!

This is a really easy to do craft for kids of all ages!
To be honest, I put hardly any effort into these as they were used as a super quick fix for my bored kaboodle kid. These have the potential to be way much more than what I have done with them, but, with that said, the way I did these made it super quick and super easy entertainment for my two year old.


As you can see, these are simple.

All you need are a few empty toilet roll holders, some felt pens and a little bit of sticky tape.

To achieve the pointy top all you need to do is push the top edges in towards the middle. They will go this shape by themselves and use the sticky tape to hold them down.

Next, all you need to do Is draw owl-like features with a black felt-tip pen.

Once you’ve drawn the details it’s time to colour them in!

It really is that easy!

Like I said, these were really a quick fix for a little while to curb some boredom but they worked really well and miss Willow-chubby-cheeks loved colouring them in, when we had finished the colouring, Willow used them as hand puppets and made ‘hoot hoot’ sounds, she sang to them and danced with them. For such a quick fix, they really did the trick.


If you had more time, I guess they could be painted instead of coloured and bits an pieces could be glued onto them, maybe the addition of some pipe cleaners and different features, these could even be cats!


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