Super Saturday’s.

Don’t worry, this isn’t my ‘feature’ but we often have some super Saturday’s, I’m pretty confident that I have used this title on more than one occasion.

Today started off with the same day to day routine of waking up, providing the toddler with tea, watching crap kids cartoons and procrastinating around the house. We needed some things so popped out to do some shopping and then we visited Meirions Nannie. We bought some cakes at Greggs which we all enjoyed alongside a cup of tea (or coffee, whatever that is !😏)

After our lovely visit with Nannie we headed home where willow and I parked ourselves on the sofa and meirion got ready for football.
After meirion had left for football, We needed to get active.
We decided to dedicate this afternoon to Making a home made Post Box, unfortunately it’s not a simple quick make so today was deemed ‘Home made Post Box, Part one.’ ~ We’ll be doing some more over the next few days which I look forward to.
When Mei arrived home and we got ready for a trip to Lidl.
I couldn’t help but have a Saturday selfie with my little cupcake,

The hat willow is wearing, I made. I crocheted it and I even made the pompon! My Trendy little miss loves this hat, refuses to let anyone put it on for her and we often end up with an ear sticking out of one side or the other. I don’t mind so much, it’s just so cute when she wobbles her head from side to side and sings “shake your pompon, shake your pompon!”

When we were shopping at lidls, we adopted the same old routine, my Kaboodle man and child stay to the right and do all the shopping while I bumble along behind them admiring all the things that are never on the shopping list.
Today really was no exception, I walked along looking at the things the staff at lidl specifically put on display to make you spend more money. I “ooh“d and “ahh“d at all the things, there’s very little in life I like doing more than spending money, specifically when that money is being spent on new Pyjamas. That’s right, I cooed over this two piece set of cotton delightfullness like a mad-woman,

“oh, but, just look at the pattern on the trousers, omg! The pocket on the top has the same pattern, oh, oh, I really like theeeeeesssseeeeee”


Mei just looked at me and said “put them in the trolley.”


Well, actually, first of all I refused to put them in the trolley, it’s bill week, I said that we couldn’t afford it. Mei persuaded me otherwise so yeah, then I was all like,


I continued to bumble around behind my pair of lovelies until I was satisfied I had admired enough, that was until I noticed a huge stack of BIC products for sale….
Oh how I cooed, oh how I admired and touched each packet. Stationary, the love of my life, was on sale.
KD caught me looking and walked over to see what all the fuss was about, he immediately spotted a pack of pencils and was like “omg, look at those pencils! Two for £3, what else shall we get? We can share.”

I almost swooned. I was borderline hot-under-the-collar.

And they say romance is dead.

Anyway, considering I had pyjamas AND stationary in the trolley, my trip to lidl couldn’t have been any more fulfilling.

And that’s the story of how my day went from being just a normal Saturday to a super Saturday.

That and the fact that we played ‘shark infested custard for 20 minutes while we were supposed to be getting ready to actually go to lidl.

Happy Saturday Kaboodlers!


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