Wallet friendly cards.

This one is something we had lots of fun doing but because we had so much fun making them, I took hardly any photos!

These little cuties are just perfect as a little token gift from your little ones to their grandparents, or if you’re a soppy moo like me, a little love letter to your other half.

What you’re going to need,

• thin coloured cardboard
• a credit card
• pens,pencils,glue,stickers or anything else you might use to decorate your card.

The method.

It couldn’t get any more simple,

1. Take a piece of card and fold it in half
2. Using the credit card, line it up next to the fold in the paper,
3. Slide the card so it’s about 2mm over the fold in the paper,
4. With a pencil, go around the shape of the card
5. Cut out the traced card shape,


We made about 6 cards all together, we used our Stampers and cut outs of paper to decorate them but my little kaboodle miss is such a scissor-happy crafter she cut them all up!

I wish I could show more details right now but I just can’t, I will be making Valentines Day cards using this method so I will add more photos when I get around to making them 🙂

What do you think? Aren’t these just the cutest little cards!


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