Homemade Edible jewellery!

This was my favourite part of yesterday. This amazing idea I had came to me when I couldn’t entice Miss Fussy Bum to eat anything. She was refusing lunch and just wanted to continue to play, I thought up this crazy idea and got it prepared immediately.

What your going to need:

β€’ a mixture of ‘hoop’ breakfast cereals.

The Method.

1. Get your cereals and place them into a bowl,
2. Take your ribbon and thread it through the hole in one of the cereal hoops and slip knot it so it’s holding the cereal hoop in place, this will act as a stopper for the other hoops.

3. Thread more cereal onto the string until you’ve got as many as you want.
4. Once you’re done threading, bite off the cereal you used as a stopper being careful to keep the slip knot,
5. Thread the other end through the slip knot and tie off how you see fit.

Place it on and you’re away,


My Kaboodle Kid LOVED this activity, she snacked on the cereal as she threaded them and as soon as she was allowed to wear it she was eating it.
It lasted all afternoon and she never once complained, moaned or asked to take it off.

The best part about this is its a healthier alternative to the sweet candy jewellery that can be bought, granted, it’s not the healthiest but its better than those icky, sticky shop-bought ones.
I will be doing this again with willow and I can guarantee I’ll do it more than once!

What do you think? Do these sweet treats tempt you? I wouldn’t mind a nibble on one everyone and then that’s for sure!


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