Back on track.

I’ve been quiet these last few days, I’ve been preoccupied with getting myself back in touch with real life, catching up on lots of housework and crocheting. I guess the break I needed to make from my online self and my real life self has been a success.

These past two days I have been on the ball, the dishes have been done almost as soon as they’ve been dirtied, my kaboodle Kid has been dropped off and picked up from school at the proper time, my mountainous washing pile has been reduced to a shadow of its former self and all those kicked-to-the-corner things have been picked up, sorted out and placed back where they belong.
I feel great, albeit distracted because of my impending gynaecology appointment but on the whole, totally back on track.

It’s a wonderful feeling, having your head screwed on, knowing what you’re doing and having a plan. I just love organisation, the running joke in our house is my ‘OCD’, which I don’t find funny, well, maybe a little bit funny when I see Kaboodle Dad smirk at me when I straighten out things, like a pen on the side, I’ll straighten that in a heartbeat.
More to the point though, I’ve been feeling more myself so things have been easier, things have been nicer. There have been more laughs shared and more kisses, cuddles and high fives.

Life is good, I’m eager to find out what the gynae has to say, I’m looking forward to the future, I’m excited.

It’s good. It all goooooooood 😊


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