I should have shares in tissue.

Yep, that’s right, someone show me how to buy shares in kitchen roll, my child is using enough to make me a millionaire!

In case you haven’t guessed already. My kaboodle kid is full up with a cold again. Come on Winter, give us a break!

I know I’m the same as every other parent when I say, I hate it when my little one is poorly, there’s nothing worse than seeing your little one lethargic and down in the dumps because they’re poorly.

To be honest i feel like I should be angry because Willow was only in school two days this week and yet again she is having time off because of illness, I really should be having a rant about how much playgroup is a breeding ground for germs but I feel that’s just wrong, it cant actually be helped and I’m as much of the problem as the next parent.

There’s this argument going on in all the parent forums in every corner of the internet, “why do parents send their kids to school when they’re ill?”

I have read so many forums about this and they always, without fail, cause arguments between these parents. They all start saying how they think its “awful”, “despicable”, “horrible”, when other parents send their kids to school when they’re ill.

Now, I don’t doubt that there are a handful of parents out there that do send their kids in knowing that they’re ill, but, on the whole, most parents keep their kids off school until they’re better.

Kids are germ factories and creches, playgroups and schools are breeding grounds for these germs, It can’t be helped and there’s no way of stopping it. We, as parents, look after our kids when they’re poorly and we keep them away from school until we think they are better enough to attend and that’s just it we think they are, but are they really? See, this is what makes me laugh about all these argumentative, keyboard warrior parents in these online communities, they’re all equally as guilty.

Some parents argue that they never send their kids in if they’re ill, to those people I say this,

You think that you send your kids into school when they’re healthy, but you don’t. Are you seriously saying you’ve never sent your kid into school with a snotty nose or the left over cough from the flu?

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t. We all have.

What we do is keep our kids off school or playgroup until they’re ‘healthy’, that say’s nothing about being contagious. Just because your kid is better it doesn’t mean that they can’t still pass on what they had to other children.

We don’t know enough about germs to determine weather or not our kids are still contagious, sure, we could research and read all manner of info on Google but unless you know the individual habit of each germ there is on the planet, then your argument is invalid.


Now, maybe I seem harsh, rude even, talking like this to a nonexistent audience but I feel like I have a point. We’re all so quick to judge other people instead of seeing the bigger picture. Kids play together, they get up close and personal. When they’re in playgroup like Willow is, they’re forever coughing and sneezing all over each other. It really cannot be helped. Kids immune systems are shit, there no other way to say it, they’re simply shit. They haven’t been exposed to lots of germs, they are immature almost, in comparison to an immune system of an adult, that’s why we often find our kids get coughs and cold and we don’t.

Okay, so much of my argument surrounds coughs and colds mostly, of course, a parent who sends in their kid with a tummy bug is the one to blame, so long as they knew their kid had the tummy bug, that is. Same goes for chicken pocks and impetigo, no, you shouldn’t send your kid into school with these, even if they are healthy. But coughs and colds are different. They are easily spread, even when we think they can’t be, not all kids have the same immunity at the same time. No one can be sure that when they feel better, they’re no longer contagious, not even us adults. We get ill, take time off work and go back when we have that tickly cough left over but we feel fine, maybe we pass on germs then too.


I probably sound like I’m talking out of my arse but I think there’s an element of truth in what I’m saying, we’re each guilty of spreading germs really, everyone.

What about you, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with what I’m saying?



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