Another creative make!

I’ve been busy crocheting again, I just can’t quite get enough of it and I’m planning my next project before I’ve finished the project that I’m actually working on. It’s always been something I enjoy but it’s starting to become a hobby.

Anywho, I’ve been working on a scarf lately because I broke my one scarf that I owned – 25 years old and only 1 scarf, I’ve let the fashionista in me down πŸ˜‰ I wanted an infinity scarf because I’m always bugged by the loose ends of scarfs!

So I made this,


I made it up by myself, I didn’t follow a pattern and I used two balls of wool at the same time! That’s the fist time I’ve ever worked like that and I’ve got to say I totally loved it.

After I had finished sewing away all my loose ends, I tried it on, Willow was watching,

“Mummy, what’s that?”

“It’s a scarf baby,”

Willow sits and waits for me to put it on and sort it out,

“What do you think of mummy’s scarf?”

“Awwww wow mummy, it’s pretty!” She squeaked a bit at the end, “And me wear it,” she said,

I placed the scarf on her and wrapped it for her,

” oooh, I like this, it’s mine.” She said,

“No baby, it’s mummy’s scarf, it’s too big for you.” I told her,

“No it’s mine!” She shouted while clutching it to her neck,

“No Willow, it’s too big for you, can I have it back now please?”

“No! It’s mine!”

Can I have it back please?

“No!” *runs away*

“Fine then, you can have that one and I will make myself a nice new pink one then.” I told her,

“Huh? Pink one?” She was curious,

“Yeah, you can have mummy’s grey one and I will make a new pink one. Does that sound good?” I asked, but I knew where we were going,

“No! I want a pink one!” *takes off scarf, throws it on floor*

“Okay,” I said, ” when you are in school tomorrow, mummy will make you a nice pink scarf, would that be nice?”

“Aww yes please mummy!!” *jumping up and down, voice going up an octave*

“Okay then, I’ll do that for you baby.” I said, as I picked up my scarf and she ran off back to her leappad.

So it’s sorted then, today I will start a new project, at this rate, I’ll never get around to finishing the granny blanket I started!


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