On the whim of a toddler.

Willow has a mind of her own, she always has. She’s always been one who shows strong will and determination. She could sit unaided at 4 months, crawled at 6 months, cruising at 8 months, walking by 10 months. She’s always been described as forward by family and friends, her health visitor and her play workers.
Today my Kaboodle Kid demonstrated even more determination when she asked me to do some colouring.
I told her that we could, off she toddled and came back with a huge box…. A gift she had received at Christmas from her grandparents,


I’ve been saving this project for later on, maybe in a couple of weeks kind of later on, but my toddler had a different idea in mind, I wanted to wait until after we had sorted out her bedroom so she could have it in there to play with but I didn’t win the argument, Willow did.

I, reluctantly, got it out of the box and gave her some crayons. I told her she could have only one part of the house today and that we would do the others at another time, I guess we compromised.
Willow had decided in a moment that she wanted to colour and within fifteen minutes we were colouring,

2015/01/img_0669.jpg after another fifteen minutes we were clearing it all away again. Miss kaboodle told me she was hungry so we put it all away and had some lunch.

After having lunch I could see my bouncy toddler was ready to get busy, she was bored and had a lot of after-dinner energy. I figured out a way to suppress her boredom and told her we could make some Rice Crispy Cakes.
Willow was super excited and couldn’t wait to put her apron and hat set on, she’s needed an excuse to put them on since Santa left them for her. Today was that day.
We used up all of our chocolate coins from Christmas as the chocolate,

2015/01/img_0081.jpg and we had great fun doing it. Willow ate a few coins during the unwrapping stage but they weren’t missed, we still have plenty of rice crispy cakes for after tea tonight.

I love doing activities with Willow, although the colouring was short lived we still had fun, we talked while we ate lunch and then had lots of fun getting messy with the chocolate.
Rice Crispy Cakes are so easy to do, all you need is chocolate, rice crispies, a bowl, a spoon and some cake cases, super easy! I used our microwave to melt the chocolate, I nuked it for 30 seconds at a time and stirred it, as soon as there was no lumps I just poured out the rice crispies straight from the box into the bowl and we mixed them into the chocolate. Once all the rice was covered in chocolate we just scooped spoonfuls of the mixture into the cake cases and put them in the fridge to cool.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!


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