In one ear and out of their mouths!

A few weeks ago….

Me: “oh shit! I forgot to put the oven on!”

Willow: “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,”

Me: 😱 “Willow!”

Willow: 😇 “yes mum?”

Me: “you mustn’t use those words, only Mummy’s and daddy’s are allowed to used those words.”

Willow: “okay mummy.”



Me: “for fuck sake! The dog just farted! It’s stinks!”

Willow: *holds nose and waves hand in front of face* “fucking stinks”

Me: 😤 “what have I told you about swearing? Only mummy’s and daddy’s are allowed to swear!”

Willow: 😈 “Fucking stinks mum!”

Me: 😡 “Right that’s it! You 👉 no more swearing! 👉👉👉! Mummy and daddy aren’t going to swear anymore either!”



Me: “oh for god sake, the dogs farted again! It stinks!”

Willow: “oh,god sake”

Me: “seriously Willow? I said Seven other words then and those are the ones you copy?”

Willow: “haha, funny mummy.”




I guess I should explain myself, I don’t always swear, even more so in front of Willow but occasionally it comes out in front of her, I’m not the first parent to ever have a toddler swear and I certainly will not be the last, the point I was trying to make was how easily kids can pick things up, Willow copies other words too but she jumps onto a swear word like its a new toy, she will always say those if they’re mentioned in front of her, I could’ve been talking and saying a hundred words but the second the f word comes out of my mouth she will say it. Luckily, Willow hasn’t used any swear words in front of others and only ever repeats them, she doesn’t use them for herself. Yet.

Have your little ones ever sworn in front of you?
I remember the first time I swore in front of my mum!


10 thoughts on “In one ear and out of their mouths!

  1. rosiepeter33 says:

    I was babysitting with my boyfriend at the time my Christian cousins son who was like 7 or less. The kid was watching a movie and my boyfriend and I were playing cards and he made a move that made me loose so I shouted “ah fuck” Realizing what I said I imediatly changed my words knowing Burk (the child) was listening to “I mean Shit”. Fail number 2. Realizing again I screwed up I yelled “I mean Dam” (fail 3)and realizing that was a swear to some people I quickly canged it to “I mean Darn”. I put my head on the table and cried. I felt soooo bad.

  2. Helen Elizabeth says:

    This brings back memories. There was no bigger factor in my cleaning up my speech than hearing those words come out of a 2 to 3 year old! Unfortunately her father wasn’t as conscientious about cleaning up his language.

  3. Jonathan says:

    They are brilliant, aren’t they. Like little tape recorders. I remember the first time one of ours said “crikey!”, and my other half looked sideways at me with a smirk on her face 🙂

    • KaboodleMum says:

      They are! Sometimes willow shocks me woth her words, not even naughty ones, just using words and my face drops because i cant believe what she’s said. She recently played back my old ‘i’m going for a cigarette’ and walked out the back garden… 😱 crazy!

  4. jaimecassner says:

    Yes, as a mother of three it happened with each of them, I’m not proud of that, lol. Only thing is now my youngest will say Mommy don’t use that word! To much, gotta love them!

  5. lb9studios says:

    I know these moments all too well. The very first time it happened, my eldest was 3ish, I was working with a fish tank, dropped the light bar into and said “shit! crap! son of a bitch!” as I shock myself getting back out before I kill fish, I her behind me “shit! bitch!”. I then started trying to get better, which works better some days then others. The funniest time, my youngest daughter, who was an older 3 at the time, was sitting in my lap while I played plants vs zombies (a great game), well things were going bad, and mindful of the young one in my lap I tried to keep it clean, so as I am trying plant things as fast as I can to keep the zombie out of my house I start saying “crap! crap! crap!” The child very slowly and calmly explains to me “Not crap momma, shit.” It was wrong, but I laughed.

    • KaboodleMum says:

      Ahahah!! Thats so funny! Willow has said the fuck and shit so many times. The parent in me cringes but the kid in me laughs, its so hard to keep a straight face sometimes lol

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