Childless. A poem.

When a woman decides that her body clock is ticking,
And there’s nothing more she wants
Than to feel her baby kicking,
She imagines over and over a tiny life growing,
And wonders if the sex really is worth knowing,
Could she buy clothes in pink or baby blue?
She wonders if it would be easier if she knew.

Fate can often deal women a bad hand,
And stop them from having the baby they planned,
Some women have problems conceiving,
A positive result is not what she’s receiving.
It can cause problems in her relationship
Arguments, shouting, tears and hardship.

Trying for a baby can cause great pain,
It’s challenging, difficult and hard to explain.
Emotions run high and sometimes low too,
It’s makes somethings difficult to do.
Her thoughts are filled by baby this and baby that,
She wonders if she will ever hear a pitter-pat-pat.

Little feet and little boots,
Baby-grows and romper suits,
Pregnant bellies and pushchairs all around
Can make her look towards to ground.
Sad, lonely and scared

It may be easier, if somebody cared.

Just remember there are others around,
That feel the same way but friends they’ve found
It’s a mountain climbing up
But a hill coming down,
Put on a smile instead of a frown,
Because there are so many others that feel the same way
And don’t you worry, it will happen one day.


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