Play-Doh sold me a penis!

Not really! But it seems that’s what other parents think.


“Parents outraged after Hasbro made phallic kids’ toy for Play Doh cake decorating set”

~ this is a headline I stumbled across on the Internet the other day, find the article here ~

On Christmas Day, Willow was gifted a Cake Mountain Play-Doh play set. (so theoretically speaking they sold Her uncle a penis, not me) She was super excited to play with it because she loves playing with play-doh. This kit contains a three tier cake with lots of little moulds to use and a funky little function at the top where you place a ball of play-doh, push onto the top and when you open it up again it comes out with a little cake shape.

It’s designed to be used as a foundation for cake decorating, basically you build your cake using a traditional play-doh and then you use the moulds and the ‘icing tool’ to decorate your cake using the play-doh plus range.
It’s actually pretty cool, in hindsight I wish I had taken photos of the cakes we had made because they looked pretty epic.

Overall, the whole set is amazing, the varied range of little moulds all over the sides of the cakes can be used to make all sorts of little extras, I actually fashioned a wafer bar using the moulds available. It’s such a cool toy, so much more than I would have had when I was a kid, back then we had the run of the mill play-doh sets that pretty much only offered a way to squeeze the stuff into various different shapes, nothing like this monster, this epic, imagination expanding, layer upon layer of play-doh madness!
If you can’t tell already, I’m massively impressed by this toy.

So why the strange title?

Well, I was googling about the cake mountain, I wanted to see what y could make with it, I just wanted to expand the knowledge a little bit, I googled searched the words Play-doh Cake Mountain, that’s all. The first result was the news article I directed you to, something on the daily mail website about phallic toys. I obviously clicked it.
I realised then that there had been some sort of outrage from parents across the globe because Hasbro had supplied an accessory that looks like a penis.

You know what? I laughed. I laughed because, well, it does actually look a bit like a willy!
That wasn’t the only reason I laughed though, I laughed more because I think the whole ‘outrage’ is, and I’m sorry if this offends anyone, Pathetic. It’s pathetic because HASBRO hasn’t supplied kids with a phallic toy, they’ve supplied a toy parents think looks like a penis.
There’s a difference.

From the minute I opened the box to the minute I read that article, I Never once looked at it and thought it looked like a dick. Not at any moment while I was holding it did I think “ya know what? This reaaalllly looks and feels like a full blown willy!”

What I did think, was how cool it made the cakes look, how easy it was to use, how easy it was for willow to use.
I actually thought, “this is a pretty nifty accessory!”

Now onto why I have a problem with the response to the toy.
First of all, the issue lies with the parents, they think it looks like a willy, not their kids.
They have a problem with the design, not their kids.
They’re offended by the product, not their kids. can you see where I’m going?
It’s not the kids who are offended by this, the parents shouldn’t be offended by it, it’s a toy, it might look a little bit like a willy, but it only looks like that if that’s what you see when you look at it, if that makes any sense?

Kids don’t know what an erect penis looks like.
This toy is aimed at the younger kids, maybe up to about 10 or 11 years old, I don’t know any kid that knows what a raging hard-on looks like! Even young boys wouldn’t make the connection, not unless they were older than their years.
It’s a shame.
HASBRO has apologised and redesigned a new toy to replace the one in the photo, they’ve made it look like a banana. I understand they need to provide the parents with a toy they would let their kids play with but I still can’t get over how typical it is of our day and age.
Offended by something that was in no way intended to be offensive.
I wish society would just grow up.


14 thoughts on “Play-Doh sold me a penis!

  1. Jonathan says:

    I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the story. Photographed out of context, and cropped appropriately, yes – it’s a dildo – but in context, totally not.

    I’m guessing most of the outraged idiots are fully paid-up members of churches in mid-west America…

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