2014 in a few hundred words.

It seems unlikely I could summarise my whole year in a blog post. But I’m going to give it a go anyway.

I saw the New year in with a little bit of a hangover, it was back then I decided that drinking was no longer something I enjoyed, the feeling of being ill and it being self-inflicted just didn’t sit right with me, so I decided that I wouldn’t drink anymore, which, when I think about it, wasn’t something that was hard to do because I actually only ever drank at christmas and new year (since being a mum) anyway.
Back in January I was still going to a life coach. It had been apparent for a while in 2013 that I was suffering from post natal depression and instead of medication and the like, I decided I would try to overcome my demons by talking it through and learning about seeing things in a different way.
Life coaching was a rock for me, I learned a lot about myself and the life I lead, I realised that a lot of my issues stem from my childhood and teen years with hint of bad previous relationship thrown in for good measure. I worked my issues and managed my depression really well and came through the other side with a smile on my face. I found that my lack of self esteem came from a weight issue and I went to the doctor told get help with that.

It was back in January I realised something funny was occurring inside me, it would seem that I wanted another baby , yes, I willingly wanted to put myself through the whole rigmarole of making and producing another Kaboodling.
It turns out that having another baby is harder than I thought it would be. I realised that my fertility problems were still an issue, being a sufferer of PCOS certainly makes ‘having another baby’ one of those things that are easier said than done.

My weight plays a part in my PCOS and the decision to loose weight became  A kill two birds with one stone kind of situation, I could address my weight related self esteem issues and ovulation disability with the help of a diet. Before I knew it I was swapping biscuits for salad and cups of tea for water, it was a struggle but I’m happy to say that the stone and a half (21Lb) I’ve lost since the beginning of the ‘lifestyle change’ and the dress size I have dropped are most defiantly worth the hassle.
I feel great, now I just need to loose another 10lb before I can take the baby making seriously.

2014 has been spent in our second family home, we moved in at the beginning of November 2013 so this year we have done a lot of home improvement, it’s been a whole new learning curve, we’ve even had to manage a garden for the first time ever.  We’ve  planted flowers and mowed the lawn, sowed some seeds and spent a great amount of time getting our garden looking just right for us. We really appreciate having a garden after being homeless for 9months and our first home being a maisonette with no outdoor area at all. We did most of the decorating when we first moved in but during this year we’ve redecorated the dining room and our hallway. There’s a lot more redecorating to be done in the new year not that our little one has outgrown the ‘all walls are canvass’ phase.  Were planning a lot of new household things in the new year, we’re currently making a list of all the stuff that’s needs doing and over the year we will slowly mark things off that we have done.

Kaboodle dad and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary this year, and we celebrated our daughters second birthday too. Both were exciting times for us, Willows second birthday was a lovely day celebrated with all the family around us and the garden played a huge part in the fun too, despite the weather.

I started this blog not long before miss Kaboodles  birthday and I realised that I still had a passion for writing, I loved it, a blog that was successful, I’d tried before on another platform but WordPress became my go-to, my new favourite place on the web. Originally I think i craved somewhere for me to write about my life, see, I gave up Facebook. I shut down my account and it was weird not having some sort of virtual space to write about my life, a place to share my photos with my family, I think I started my seconds blog because I needed a place to go, but I don’t regret it. I love my blog. I don’t come here just because I don’t have Facebook, I come here because it’s where I want to be. I still don’t have facebook and life is so much more simple. It’s certainly something I don’t miss.
With a bit of luck I can continue my blog and hopefully watch it grow into more than just a place I write about my life.

The summer was pretty epic this year, we had a pool.
We played for hours each day in the cool water and the weather was very kind to us, we had lovely warm days and our suntans were pretty enviable!
I hoarded time with my baby because she was going to be starting playgroup in September, I couldn’t wait for her to be on her own adventure, making friends and learning new things.
In the meantime we spent all the time we could playing in the sun and eating bbq food, we really did have the best summer so far, now that we had a garden, it meant I wasn’t under pressure to take my girl somewhere to enjoy the sun, we just had to open the back door and step into our own little sun trap. It really was close to perfect.

Before I knew it September was upon us and my whumpy baby wasn’t a baby anymore, she was my whumpy little girl.
She was off to playgroup every morning, coming home, telling me what she had played with and who she had made friends with that day.
I couldn’t believe I was a mother to a fully fledged little person, with an answer for everything and more friends than me!
I still can’t believe it.

Potty training was a big thing For most of the  year, we tried so many different things and I felt like I was fighting a loosing battle. I really couldn’t get through to my child about the usage of the potty! I gave up in the end, I realised that she just wasn’t ready and I was causing more harm than good trying to force it upon her. The funny thing about that is, as soon as I gave up, my girl gave in and found that going on the potty was rewarding, the my little pony stickers that adorn all her reward charts are evidence to that. Within two weeks of my shameful abandonment of project potty, I was out buying little girl pants and sending her off to playgroup with pants on! In all fairness to my little girl, within 3 weeks of starting playgroup she was nappy free and accident free, “I need a wee!”  became the new sentence I would hear more than anything else. Miss Willow still has nappies for bed but I guess that’s someting that will change over time, she hasn’t even upgraded to a real life single bed yet, I can’t expect her to managed being nappy free through the nights too!

October saw us carving our first pumpkin together as a family, we opted for a cute cat face instead of the scary looking faces that normally get carved into a pumpkin. The reason behind this was, our little girl was petrified of the pumpkin, as in pet-ri-fied . Willow would not go into the same room as the pumpkin, she was mortified of it.
We used our persuasion skills and managed to get her to like the pumpkin, hense pretty little kitten face!
Bonfire night brought a few lumps and bumps on the parenting path, we had to persuade willow that fireworks were good (as long as you stay safe!)
It proved difficult, some of the bangs that we’re going off around our end were earth-shattering. We got there in the end though, we invited the family over for the evening and willow warmed to the fireworks, with the help of her cousin and some pretty awesome sparklers.

This year we’ve had many more first’s, isn’t it amazing that even after being a parent for 2 years, you still experience things you haven’t before?
I’ve been blogging consistently in the later months of the year, I’ve not much else to tell you that I haven’t blogged about in the past few weeks, as you know we’ve been doing our activities and we’ve all been a bit under the weather.
We’ve been preparing for Christmas and now that’s done, I’m dishing out the annual dose of nostalgia. Remembering over the past year I realise, this time last year I had a baby, now I have a little girl!
It amazes me, how quickly she’s growing. When I look at pictures of christmas 2013, i see a little baby dressed in a baby grow and using only a pinch of the words she can use now. I honestly don’t know where the time goes, another year has gone by and as cliche as it sounds it’s gone by in a blink of an eye. I’m sure I’ll find myself blogging about the very same thing this time next year, maybe I’ll read this one again and think, blimey, what a year!

 who knows?

2015 will be here in less than 48 hours and I’m excited. I’m looking forward to spending another year with my little family. Making memories, staining the carpet some more and improving my baking skills.
I’m hopeful for the future, I’m optimistic about 2015 and all it may bring.
I don’t do resolutions, I make a wish, I know what my wish is for 2015 but I’m also making a promise to myself, I’m promising to stop hoarding, it’s time I realised that the cupboards I’ve filled with all sorts of shit need clearing, the art supplies I ‘save for a rainy day’ aren’t going to use themselves and the huge pile of fabric I’ve been ‘planning to make something with’ isn’t going to sew itself, looks like I need to head on over to Pinterest for some Pinspiration, get some more ideas on how to waste time and procrastinate   Be creative and use my craft supplies!


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