Christmas 2014

It’s been pretty evident since the beginning of the month that I love Christmas. The lead up, the hype, the songs, the memories it creates, the wrapping, the buying, everything. There’s not a single aspect of Christmas that I don’t enjoy but today, I realise just how tired I am.
I have wanted to get online and blog about our days but the truth is, we have not stopped.
Since Christmas Eve, when Kaboodle dad got home from work, our Christmas began. We had family visiting us on Christmas Eve so therefore the first exchanging of gifts happened that afternoon. We all received something lovely from my sister in law and her partner, my kaboodle girl had a beautiful coat and some ponies to play with, we had some festive biscuits. In exchange our nephew had some child-safe headphones and a jumper, L and J had biscuits off us. It was nice seeing them, giving gifts and receiving some, we all had a catch up and then parted on the doorstep wishing each other a merry Christmas knowing we wouldn’t see each other again until Boxing Day.
Christmas Day was as hectic as a Christmas Day could be, with sleepless nights and early mornings included. We visited Meirions Mum and Dad, his grandmother, his other grandmother and grandfather, my sister in law, my auntie and his uncle on Christmas day. Somewhere in between all that we stopped off at home and had some lunch. We wanted to visit everybody on Christmas day because we both feel it’s the best day to see everyone, Christmas day brings its own kind of magic, a special kind of feeling is felt on chirstmas day when you give and receive presents and we wanted Willows first real experience of Christmas to be filled with that special Christmas magic. We, ourselves, wanted to see our family too, to give them their gifts on Christmas day, when gifts are supposed to be given.

(Don’t get me wrong, receiving gifts is great on any day of the year 😉)

In the evening of Christmas day we were well and truely in the aftermath, a pile of empty boxes that needed to be put into the recycling turned into a cardboard Avalanche the second the top box was removed, a bin bag full of ripped up wrapping paper was bursting at the seems and way to interesting to the cat, who kept leaping into it and bouncing off of as soon as the paper rustled. We had toys strewn over the floor that needed picking up, matching back up with their counterparts and each of them needed to find a home. 

We finally sat down much later than is normal and realised we just needed to go to bed given it was closer to that time of day than it was to any other. We had booked to go to a restaurant for a meal with all the family on Boxing Day, when I say all the family, I literally mean all the family. 13 of us. Ten adults, one teen and two toddlers.

Boxing Day was worth the wait, we had some sales shopping to do in the morning and we both got some super bargains. Willow saved her money for another day because we didn’t have the time to get to a toy shop. We all looked lovely in our new clothes and when we got the the restaurant we settled down at a table surrounded by all the most important people to us. The conversation was great, the toddlers were brilliantly behaved and everybody was smiling, the food was fantastic and the funny moustaches that were in the crackers were pretty fun to wear.




We were out most of the day again on boxing day, by the time we got home there wasn’t much time before it was time to bath the little person and put her to bed, we had picking up and cleaning to do, I had my nails to do, bed time came around quickly again.

Today we had more visiting to do, we had to travel up the M4 to visit Meirions Grandfather followed by another trip on the M4 all the way back home to pick up some gifts. Then we travelled to visit my grandmother, my brother and sister and another of my aunts. More gifts were given and received and by the time were were done we had a boot full of stuff that also need to have homes.


I have anounced that  tomorrow I am not going out. I am tired, worn out and ready for a break. We have had such a wonderful time over the last few days and our gifts have all been awesome, the sad part is, we’ve been so busy we haven’t had time to sit down and enjoy them.

We haven’t had a chance to sit and play with willow properly. Tomorrow, I don’t even want to get dressed, I want to play with my girl all day and watch movies and eat all the yummy food, I plan on having a day where the only people I see are my Kaboodle Kid and my Kaboodle Man, the only clothes I wear are the ones I wore to bed the night before and the only reason I brush my hair is because it’s annoying me, not because I have to, That’s the kind of day I want tomorrow.


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