Christmas Day 2014

What a wonderful day!

Miss willow woke at 3am because of her cough, she asked for a drink and was tucked back in to bed. Then she came back into us at 3:30am for another drink, I gave her some cuddles in bed with me and then took her back to bed at 4am. She settled off quickly and I went back to bed. Kaboodle dad and I knew that our little one would wake up during the night so we had her stocking filled and ready but we kept it out of sight, I had an alarm set for 5am so I could get up, creep into her room and place her stocking at the end of her bed.
4am found me wide awake, I was excited for the day ahead, my mind was filled with images of Willow opening her presents and being overjoyed, I really couldn’t wait. It turned out I wasn’t alone, KD was also wide awake, he was as equally as excited as me so we had a natter about the hours that were in the near future and whether or not we should place the bairns stocking in her room earlier than planned, given that we were awake.
By the time we had finished chatting, we realised it was only 5 minutes to five so I switched off the imminent alarm and took Willows stocking in to her room. I got back into bed and snuggled up for a cuddle with KD and waited for Willow to wake up.
The next I knew, Meirion was waking, it was 7:20am. Willow was still sound asleep so we sat in bed for a little bit and waited, we didn’t have to wait long, she woke up to the sound of her dad going to the bathroom. He went in a got her and she came into our room with a face of picture perfect delight. My Kaboodle kid sat on our bed and opened her presents from her stocking.

“Look mummy, chocolate!”

“Dad! I gots some pencils!”

“Look! It’s santa!” (Kinder shaped santa chocolate)

Willow turned around to us and said that the elves had been, she didn’t really say Santa.
A few days ago we were given a Fairy door, it was placed on a shelf and we explained to willow that the elves and fairies come and visit to make sure willow is being a good girl and then they go and tell Santa if she needs to be out on the naughty list or the Nice list.
On Christmas Eve, we took willow out our back garden for a look at our window lights, Kaboodle dad quickly placed a present hanging from the shelf under the fairy door and we went out the back garden.
We told Willow we heard a funny sound and we should go and check it out. She discovered the present and we told her the elves must have thought she was a good girl so they have her an extra special present for her to open then. She had been given some new pyjamas, of course.

Back to Christmas morning, sitting on our bed, unwrapping our stockings, we said to willow about Santa having been and visited us trough the night, we must have been good and put on the nice list!
After that, willow understood a little better that Santa had visited and continued to open her gifts while trying to eat her kinder Santa.

We all had stockings we enjoyed, willow had paint, Stampers and ink, cutlery amongst other things, I had smellies, chocolates and nail varnishes, Kaboodle dad had a phone case, smellies and some jelly beans.
We each sat there and nibbled away on our sweet treats and our clementines. It was fab!

After coming downstairs, avoiding the living room because we needed to quickly feed the animals to make sure they weren’t going to be meowing an woofing while we opened our gifts, we found ourselves venturing into the dark room, I stood and switched on the light and willow realised that Santa had been.


Her face was a picture that I unfortunately didn’t catch on ‘film’, but I will remember.

The rest of the morning was a blur, a whirlwind of wrapping paper, boxes and loud “Oh My Gosh” ‘s!

We had a fantastic day, Willow actually slept all night last night, the first time since her cough began and we both fell into bed, earlier than usual too.

I hope you all had an awesome christmas, and that the awesomeness continues through the next few days!




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