It’s here! It’s here!

Christmas Eve!!
That’s one more sleep! Only one more sleep until we wake up to the faces of our children filled with delight when they see a stocking full at the end of their bed. The little sparkle in their eyes when they’re sat on your bed at ungodly hours of the morning unwrapping their stocking gifts knowing that there’s more to come when they go down stairs.

The excitemt is overwhelming sometimes, for me at least, yesterday I told you how not very festive I was feeling but this morning that’s a distant memory.

My kaboodle kid has woken up in much better health, most of the gifts are wrapped and my Christmas nail varnish has been applied, all of this has helped me feel much more excited for the day ahead.

something else that had made me feel so much more festive on this Christmas eve morning is the early hours chat I had with my Kaboodle Man this morning. I had forgotten to switch off my alarm so it buzzed us awake at 20 past 6 this morning, we both woke up. I turned to face him and he turned to face me, we snuggled into each other and held hands, I wished him a merry Christmas Eve, he returned the favour and for about a minute or two we exchanged some heart warming words of how much we love each other and how excited we are for tomorrow. We fell back asleep in the same position and didn’t wake up until our daughter came in to wake us at 8am.


I am feeling so much more festive this morning, I think i will load up my go-to Christmas song playlist on YouTube, tidy up, get ready for the day and go and do some last minute shopping.


Its highly unlikely I will be blogging tomorrow so I wish you all the very best Christmas, I hope every single one of you get what you want from Santa, that your food is Devine, you win all the crackers and have the best day ever.


lots of love from us all at the Kaboodle house!

Merry Christmas!





2 thoughts on “It’s here! It’s here!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Love this post. Sounds like your Christmas morning works the same as ours – stockings upstairs, followed by mayhem downstairs when we let them 🙂

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