I think the universe hates me.

I feel a teen-like strop coming on, a bout of attitude full of F-words and Why Me?’s or should I say Why MY Family?
As you know we’ve all had a run in with the common cold these past two weeks, we’ve been coughing and snotting all over the place, I feel like Christmas has taken the back bench and with it my festive feelings. I hate to say it but I’ve lost all festive feelings, Christmas is closer than ever and I’ve never felt less festive.

Over these last two weeks our advent of activities have come to a stand still and instead of making and doing, we’ve been checking temperatures and cleaning up puke. There’s been no gingerbread men baked, no Christmas songs being played through our speakers, we’ve had to swap our Christmas faces for ones with sore noses, we’ve had to stop singing the carols because our throats have been to sore and our Christmas cards haven’t been written because we’ve all been to worn out.
Miss Kaboodle hasn’t opened her advent calendar for a week because she’s been to under the weather to be eating chocolate. I’ve even done some wrapping which didn’t help bring the festive feelings back!

I’ve been so concerned about my little girls health that everything else seems irrelevant. I feel like I need to concentrate on her and her well being instead of all the gifts I’ve been hoarding over the last few months in preparation for the big day.
I felt yesterday that we were beginning to win again once her chest infection was diagnosed and her medicine was collected and given to her, I thought with a little bit of luck we would be seeing a great improvement over the next two days and by Christmas Day my happy, huggable, loveable toddler would be back to her old self, this morning we’ve woken up to yet another blow to the Christmas spirit, my girl now has conjunctivitis!
That’s right, my girl has pink eye, as if she hasn’t been feeling poorly enough she now has sticky, itchy and sore eyes.


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