You bought your daughter a tool set for Christmas?


I’ve been asked this when I’ve been talking to various different people about what we have bought the kaboodle kid for Christmas.
I’ve heard “really?” And “why?” As a response to us having bought our girl a tool set.

I’m flabbergasted at their reaction so I manage a measly “why not?” In response.

I don’t understand how the idea is such a crazy one! It’s almost as if I’m breaking some unwritten rule, letting my little girl play with little boys toys. Who’d have thunk such a thing?

Well, me, actually.
I don’t think that little girls and little boys should be given pink and blue toys exclusively. I don’t think that boys aren’t allowed to play with dolls or girls not being allowed to play with x-men figures and trucks!
In reality, what happens when we stop them from playing with ‘gender specific’ toys is tell them it’s not okay.

It’s not okay for a little boy to push around a dolly in a pram.

It’s not okay for a little girl to play with a Tonka Truck.

It’s not okay for a little boy to play with a doll head, making up hairstyles.

It’s not okay for a little girl to have tools.

This translates to:

It’s not okay for men to be involved with babies and pushing a pram around.

It’s not okay for woman to drive a truck.

It’s not okay for a man to be a hairdresser.

It’s not okay for a woman to have a trade/own a tool box.

I hope I’m not the only one that realises this?
Society give us this ideal that men should be manly and women lady-like.
And my disagreement is only slightly sideways of agreement, men should be men, women should be women.
But I think that there is equality, there are male hairdressers and female mechanics.
But we label them, don’t we?

“He’s a hairdresser. Must be gay.”
“She’s a mechanic. Must be gay.”
Or strange, or weird, or odd.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Things I say.
“He’s a hairdresser! Good for him!”
“She’s a mechanic! Awesome, I wish I had that strength!”

I’m indifferent, I don’t care if that man over there paints his nails or straightens his hair, if he’s nice, I’ll like him.
I don’t care if I see a woman, dressed in jeans and a jumper, not showing off her figure, if she’s friendly, I’ll like her.
‘Cause I don’t see a problem with women owning tools or men changing nappies. It’s a part of life, stuff needs fixing and dirty bums need changing. Doesn’t matter if you’re born with boobs or a penis, what matters is what makes you happy. Right?

My kaboodle man, is a manly man, he’s a carpenter, he has tools, he fixes stuff.
I’m a girly girl, I like pretty nails and curly hair, nice make up and perfume.
My daughter loves to play with my shoes and make up and jewellery but daddy’s tools are fun too!
I like fixing things and I carry the shopping from the car.
Dad likes playing football, but he’s dyed my hair for me. He’s sat and watched my little pony, and all the Disney princesses. He’s changed nappies and I’ve mowed the lawn.

I don’t want willow to grow up thinking she cant do something because she’s a girl. I want her to know that if she wants to be a mechanic, a painter a carpenter, a hairdresser, a nurse, a vet, a nail technician, or a dancer I will support her, I will help her make the right choices for her. If I go on to have a son and he wants to play with dolls and prams, he’ll be welcome to, because it’s not strange or weird or odd, nor is it gay, it’s just people being who they are, happy with what their doing.
That’s the kind of person I want to raise, a person who is happy with who they are. No matter now ‘farfetched’ society thinks it is.


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