A Christmas tree and snowflakes!

Christmas is everywhere right now, many of my blog posts are central to the season.
With Christmas now less than two weeks away it’s harder to stray away from things that connect to it and that’s the same story in my house.
I’m super excited for Christmas this year, if that hasn’t been evident enough, and we’ve been busy today with yet another afternoon spent doing something active for our 24 day advent of activities.

Today we have been busy with paper.
I love paper crafts and I hope my whumpy girl will one day love it just as much as me.
At the age of 2 and a half she’s not very into paper craft in the same way that I am, no, she enjoys colouring, cutting and gluing with paper as opposed to creating something with paper.
Another thing willow does enjoy is stickers. Willow has had a reward chart in the past but now she opts to put her reward stickers on herself. Most of the time she wants more than one sticker at a time so our first activity of the day gave her just the chance to go mad with stickers.
Before lunch we got out the Christmas tree we made and painted the other day, I was originally going to glue pom-poms on but I opted for stickers instead, stickers are much easier to handle than glue and pom-poms. I’m glad I chose the stickers because the tree looks awesome!


After the Christmas tree willow drew and cut and drew some more with her paper and I decided to make some paper snowflakes.


How awesome are they? (Even if I do say so myself)
Willow helped me with the folding and pushed down the edges, she shouted shapes at me to cut out so although I was in control, she had her input. What was more fun was her reaction to the unfolding of the snowflakes. Her little face lit up each time.
And I’m not surprised.


Day 12 of our 24 day advent of activities has gone down really well, we both enjoyed being creative and sharing the experience.


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