Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more Christmassy!

Is that even a word? Christmassy?


Christmas concert day!

What a wonderful experience! As a first time mum you realise that as your babies grow older, the ‘firsts’ come fewer and father between. Today We got to experience a brand new first, a first for the little one and also for us too. Today we watched Willows first ever christmas concert!
It was a pleasure watching her on stage, even if she did just sit there and wave her wand. She should have been singing along but that wasn’t happening, I knew it wouldn’t, my baby is shy and singing in front of people isn’t her strong point. Willow sings her heart out at home, daily, but not so much in front of others.
Even with her little voice not being a part of the choir, it was still an emotional day for us as parents. We both sat and watched her, with huge smiles on our faces and pride in our hearts. She was sat almost directly in front of us (thank You Miss K) and each time she looked over at us we both gave her big smiles and thumbs up. Reassurance in a subtle way, trying to help her find the confidence to sing. It didn’t matter if she didn’t, she was great at waving her wand anyway.
I really did enjoy experiencing such a wonderful thing, something I was unsure I’d ever see, my child in a christmas concert. I couldn’t be happier.

Because it was concert day, I didn’t plan an activity in advance, I wasn’t sure how the morning would unfold and I didn’t want to do something with Willow if she was grumpy after having to be in the concert but luckily she has been in a great mood all afternoon, which meant I was short of an idea for day 10 of our 24 day advent of activities. It didn’t matter much though, after having lunch we simply played. We played with her toys, things that haven’t been played with in a while. We read books, tickled each other and shared a few cuddles. We haven’t actually stopped up until now. We made a mess of the living room,

IMG_0927.PNG and willow gave me a wonderful hat

Followed by an even more wonderful make over,

Which was obviously reciprocated!

We played some hide and seek and we sang all the songs she wouldn’t at her concert. We played with the cats and the dog, Willow brushed my hair for me, and ‘took’ my temperature, we pretended I was her baby, I was wrapped up in a blanket and hushed to sleep. We played peek a boo and, well, this list is almost endless.
Even though we haven’t done anything specific, it’s probably the first time we have done nothing but play all afternoon for a short while, it was nice to just bond and have fun without having any rules or guidelines to follow. So our activity today has been nothing but being active.
And that’s okay with me.

With Christmas coming up it was actually really handy getting right down into the depths of the toy box, we have realised that there are many toys Willow has out grown.
I’m pretty sure there is a charity nearby that could do with some extra stuff, or possibly the Homeless Hostel down the road would benefit from the toys willow no longer needs? Either way, we will be packing up some of her old toys and taking them somewhere they can be used and played with by children who need them more than Willow, that’s how I explained it to her and she was very happy with that.
We will be writing a letter to Santa sometime over the next week with a little list of things Willow wants for Christmas, and we will tell him about the toys she has donated for other children to enjoy. That’s a nice way to show the Big Man she’s a good girl 😉


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